Any way to switch dual-monitor screens besides using mouse?

Can anyone tell me if there is any way to assign key commands so they will be effective no matter if I’m working on the Track Monitor side, or on the Mixer Monitor side. The ‘F’ key works this way and several others, but many don’t, and I find myself very frustrated because of it.

ex. I’m on the mixer side, I select a track and hit my Key command to show the automation associated with that track. It won’t activate until I click the other monitor with my mouse. Then, back I go. It wouldn’t be bad except it happens continually through-out my work. There are quite a few other actions that I’m faced with the same thing. Workflow would be so much smoother if I didn’t have to deal with this.

Even if there is a way ( outside of Cubase ) to shift attention to the other monitor, other than using a mouse, I would appreciate knowing how.

I can’t tell you but this one gets a huge +1.

Really annoying, this do-an-extra-click-feature was introduced in Cubase 7 and since that time I’m hoping for a solution… :unamused:

FYI, in Windows’ 7 control panel > ‘Center für erleichterte Bedienung’ (don’t know how exactly it’s called in the english version, probably something like ‘center for easier handling’…) > ‘Verwenden der Maus erleichtern’ (maybe ‘easier mouse handling’) you’ll find a setting that enables the window you’re hovering over.
Time treshold is set to 500 ms by default. Can be changed via regedit > HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop. Doubleclick ‘ActiveWndTrkTimeout’ and enter a value in milliseconds (set to decimal values). Changing this setting needs reboot to become effective.

That’s not the most practical setting for every windows application but works pretty good within Cubase.

Way more cool would be if Steinberg would implement exactly that to work independent from the OS settings!

I’m also looking for a solution to this…