Any way to Tune your Instruments?

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Is there any way to tune your VST instruments in Cubase, similar to Scala?

I am asking because i want to tune the instrument keys better


If you instruments support it, yes.

Also- Check out the microtuning midi insert

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Thank you.

Might anyone here know how can i use the microtuning midi insert?

Asking because there is a similar function in Logic, that applies to all Logic synths.

On the left side of the arranger, you have normal FX inserts and you have midi inserts too…
Select and open the microtuning insert from the midi insert slots and adjust the notes in it to your liking.
(It is one octave that you tune. - this will propagate to all octaves)

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but i am asking what synths can i tune with the microtuner, are they Steinberg only synths that work with this.

Basically i am looking for step by steps and a list of synths i should expect to work with the cubase microtuner.

But i appreciate the answers given already

Halion Sonic SE, which comes with Cubase, works with the microtuner, and so does Halion and Halion Sonic, the full versions that are purchased separately. Halion full version also supports scala files.

Padshop works.

The included monotimbral VSTs like Spector and Prologue do not respond to the microtuner.

NI Kontakt does not work with it, but Kontakt does support scala files, so you could automate tuning changes, if I remember correctly.

There are a variety of ways to get microtuning done, which depend on the synth you are using.

Sorry I can’t be of more help.

thank you