Any way to turn this off?

When mousing over elements a grey box appears, then if you click it turns red. I assume that’s for hardware controllers? Any way to turn that off for those who only use a mouse?

See video:


This general focus. It shows you what kind of controller you can control for example via KeyCommands.

Unfortunately you can’t switch this general indicator off.

Thanks for the confirmation Martin.

I installed Cubase 6.5 on the weekend and I have to say it was a pleasure not having that visual constantly. Also not having those pop up circles on either side of the panners was so much better as well.

All the blinkywinky can be distracting massively - felt it too from 6.5 to 7. Meanwhile I don’t even see it anymore, guess it’s just ignored automatically by my brainware.

I also don’t use a controller as I’m fast and easy with mouse and keys. The visuilisation of the active element is not bad to handle some operations with just the keyboard though as it clearly indicates where you are.

After revisiting Cubase 6.5 and using Logic Pro 50% of the time which also has key commands and mapping for hardware controllers I definitely prefer not having unnessasary visual distractions such as the "active element " outlines and the pop up menus circles on either side of the panners. It’s a little reminiscent of the Vegas strip and leads to fatigue.

Regarding the circle pop ups. The way Cubase 6.5 does it is better in my opinion. A simple right click reveals the menu for selecting the stereo panner state. Less clutter and visual annoyance when mousing around the screen. See photo.

I exactly know what you mean and understand being bothered by all that.

In real life it doesn’t hurt me anymore but I’m the guy always pleading for making such things options to be tickable in preferences. Within the evolution of the DAW with plenty of welcome great usable features (that I’d really miss if I had to step back to i.e. 6.5) there are a few things, features, behaviours that sadly disappeared and will probably never come back.

One of my favourites:

But well, no way back. Too much really good stuff I use on a daily basis in the later versions.

Yes many new great features in C 9.5 but as far as my use for this feature it is nil. It’s simply visual screen pollution and I really hope Steinberg will allow us to have it as an option in C10. :slight_smile: