Any way to view BWF Metadata in Windows Explorer?

Does anyone know of a utility or tool that will allow Broadcast Wave Metadata to be viewable in Windows Explorer under the Details view? I can add/remove tons and tons of columns but these don’t seem to be anything BWF related.

Try DBpoweramp.

It allows you to view metadata in explorer, i think it supports bwf meta.

Ooo. I actually have that. I wonder if it will add columns to detail view though.

It does, but you manually have to add them. Which field are you looking to view?

I just explored a project folder and when I add the fields, it doesn’t show the metadata. :cry:

I have only ever used it to view metadata on mp3s. Maybe I am totally disillusioned, but I an certain I installed dbpoweramp to get the added fields in explorer.

I just did a little research and it looks like you may need a library browser. In search, this one looks handy for $50.

Sound miner is another option though it is $200 bucks.


I’ve tried a bunch of things to get the tag information to show up in explorer… No luck so far… I know I used it before, but it may have been in windows xp.