Any Windows 10 Device Drivers for the Roland Fantom G7 out there?

Roland decided not to write drivers for the Fantom G workstations for Windows 10. They stopped at 8.1. They wrote Windows 10 drivers for earlier Fantom series keyboards though, but abandoned the G series.
Is anyone using a Roland Fantom G series workstation (specifically the G not S or X) with Cubase 9.5 Pro on Windows 10 successfully with a multitimbral setup (studio mode in Fantom-Speak), even without proper MIDI device manager panels? I would be happy to just get the basic 16 or fewer MIDI tracks to play back to the Fantom G with its own sounds using MIDI in and out. I don’t need to use USB for the connection. My sound card is the Yamaha Steinberg UR22 first generation. It has simple MIDI in and out routing. How did you make your system work with the Fantom G beyond as a MIDI controller playing the Cubase or third party VST synths within the DAW?
I do not want to revert back to an earlier version of Windows like 7 or 8.1 for valid well-thought-out reasons. I use my DAW computer for other tasks and need to keep up with the times in my OS just like I keep up with Cubase upgrades and updates. Since I stay online when composing, I want the latest security in my OS as well. I’m sticking with Windows 10. I’m almost ready to sell the Fantom and move to Yamaha keyboards since they own Steinberg now and support those keyboards better.
I started to create my own Device Panel and find I am simply out of patience for a new field of study. I downloaded one offered online and will try to implement it if I can figure out how to get the text file where it needs to be etc., but am hoping someone has actually written proper Windows 10 drivers for the Fantom G which would solve my core problem and the Device Panels can come later.
I’m posting on Roland forums too of course. I also could be mixed up about exactly what I need. That’s why I need someone who knows the Fantom G quirks specifically (which are many) to give this some thought, which I appreciate very, very much. Thank you.
Have a llook at this thread - I have used for quite a few Roland devices which all have worked well.
Good Luck

Thank you so much Buzz. I’ll let you know if I have any luck with this. I was at a dead end until you sent me this so I can’t thank you enough. Doug