Anybody buying a $35 t-shirt?

It’s been a long wait as it appears officially licensed swag is now finally available (and in Europe only unfortunately). But, you’re going to pay for it. Ouch. Who’s in?

Oof. Good idea, but a bit pricey.
I’m missing a mousepad :wink:

I don’t pay to promote for-profit brands. That’s dumb. If anything they should either pay me to show off their branding, or give away the shirt. Then I’d consider it.

$35? Fat chance…


Regards :sunglasses:


I’m glad I’m not the only one that thought the entire range expensive!!

To me it’s not about “expensive”, just I don’t want to advertise for free. If a shirt has a big logo or says “Nike” or whatever, it’s not for me.

Pay me and I’ll wear it.


I’d pay for it.

will be cool if they mate gift t-shirt & etc, for using Cubase or stay with Steinberg for 5,10 & more years, same like YouTube send you gold silver(i guess) button when your channel reach 1 million.

u get the idea :smiley:


This stuff is for people that want to show the world they’re making their own music? So mostly people that are looking for a response. I also think they should give a dozen shirts/hoodies to regular customers so they can spread them across they’re clients. :slight_smile:

I’d buy $35 shirt. I buy shirts at shows to from real bands too.

I want the hat. I HAT you! :laughing:

I’d buy merch from a band as well, since that’s how bands make money. If I go to a concert that might be a way to show additional support since these days nobody wants to pay for art/content any more.

I’ve already paid Steinberg for software though, so…

I never got one of them! I was told I was to receive one!

Yeah, such a slave to the corporation. Better remove the Fender logos from my guitars. :laughing: :nerd: :unamused: :open_mouth:

You use the guitars to make music.
Do you use your T-shirt to make music?

I use my Adidas Adizero Adios for running. The can have the logo.
I use my Kestrel Talon bike for biking. It can have the logo.

T-shirts? Nope. Hats? Nope.

Pay me, and I’ll gladly advertise your brand…

Boy, what a bunch of ninnies! I wear a shirt with my face on it because I support myself!

I wear face with my face on it because I support my face!