Anybody else have NO cresc. and decresc. with Olympus Elements?

Hi everyone!

Months ago I put the expression map stuff for Olympus Elements on my Mac, but it just doesn’t work. I get changes from p to mp to mf to f, but no gradual cresc. and decresc. in between. What am I doing wrong? Are there new files to download and install? Anybody else have this issue?

Thank you.


I’m on windows, and I bought Olympus elements as well. I’ve found it (and Micro) to be pretty much unusable in Dorico. Even with the playback template it doesnt work very well. I use Spitfire Epic Choir, Garritan or Noteperformer’s voices instead.

You’re probably not using the correct expression map.

I don’t know which expression map it requires, but the type of behaviour described suggests that you are using an expression map that uses velocity for dynamic instead of the correct controller for dynamic, which is probably CC1 (or maybe CC11, but I would try CC1 first - if it is mapped to CC1 then CC11 normally acts as a secondary volume controller rather than controlling dynamic).

I used the Olympus playback template. Still problematic using Elements in Dorico.

I’m afraid I don’t have elements, I only have micro. I do get the correct swell with micro, but I can see the playback template is doing it a really weird way, by automating CC7 (midi volume). That would just turn the volume level up and down on the track and not really do a proper dynamic swell.

Try just a very basic long note sustain, with ppp cresc to fff dim to ppp or something. It might be that the use of the volume controller for the swells is just not the most obvious sound by itself.