Anybody else having dropouts between N6 & Keyboard

Is anybody else having a problem with “Dropouts” between Nuendo 6 and their QWERTY keyboard?

I was working on a project this morning and everything was fine. I went out to lunch and when I got back the Keyboard wouldn’t control N6 anymore. The MC Control still worked, but not the keyboard or my X-tra Keys module.

So I closed the project and re-opened it and, for the most part, everything was good. But then both the keyboard and the X-tra keys module started selectivly dropping out. The split command on the X-tra keys worked. But the Repeat KC dropped out. I’d have to leave the project, open the X-tra keys menu and hit SAVE (which was re-saving the same KC already in it!) for the command. Then, when I returned to N6, it worked again.

I had several unexplained dropouts between both the QWERTY and the X-tra Keys. Some would return on their own, while others had to be coaxed back into service. I’ve never had this happen before. Is this some kind of warning of something more serious coming down the line or is this some variation of that old “Sleep Bug” left over from N1 & N2?