Anybody else having problems with previous iterations after N12 Install?

I usually purchase the latest version of Nuendo, check it to make sure it works, then leave it until the 1st patch comes out before using it. I do this because “you never switch versions in the middle of a project” and it always takes me a few days to set up the new version.

This time I was pleasantly surprised when I opened N12 to check it to see my current N11 project open with no visible changes! I don’t like the black default “skin” so I always change it to the blue/gray appearance of the Ver. 6 and lower versions. So, when it opened in blue/gray, I was thrilled. I wasn’t happy that they’d removed Prologue from the VSTi package. but I figured I could easily pull it up in N11 if needed.

I was no longer thrilled when I re-opened N11. I got an error message saying that several licenses had been moved or expired. There was a link to the SB page to explain what this meant. Near as I can figure, my licenses had been appropriated by N12. Since none of them were apparently needed to continue working in N11, I just moved on.

But the next time I opened N11, I found that ALL OF MY PORTS WERE MISSING! I was able to re-map my project. But I had determined that, basically N12 had taken all of the N11 resources and made N11 default to the MOBO’s stereo audio interface.

Here’s how N11 looked before the upgrade to N12.

Here’s how N11 looked AFTER the upgrade to N12.

Now panicked, I opened N10.3 and found that it had been bounced back to the black default appearance and it was asking if I wanted to register the product! All of my N10 templates were now empty shells, all my preferences were wiped, absolutely EVERYTHING WAS GONE!

I have backups for all of this N10 material. But I now have to re-build N10 the way I expected to have to set up N12 when I was ready. I am now finishing my project in N12 essentially by force. As you can imagine, I am less than thrilled with this turn of events. My ONLY consolation is at least I’m not on a Mac. I can’t believe the stuff I’m reading about what those guys are going through!

Before changes we always export the current profile with the profile manager.
Then import them in the new version. Almost all settings have been adopted.
So N12 looks like N11 with all shortcuts and macros and colors.

But you have to be careful that you select the current profile to export. If you just click the button “export”, the wrong one is usually selected.


I didn’t make ANY selection. I just wanted to open N12 and make sure that it worked properly. Then go back to using N11 until I was ready to make the transition. Nuendo 12 did ALL OF THIS on its own.