Anybody Else Using Nuendo and Apollo?? Need Help...

why does sound still drop out intermittently with the Apollo and Nuendo on a PC? When you load projects into Nuendo while using the Apollo often times when you hit play no sound will play. Or when you load UA plugins the audio will stop… When you try to reset of close out the program it freezes and you have to force quit. But when I hook my other boxes up I never have this issue… Been making this complaint to tech support I was hopping this would be fixed with this version. Anybody else having this issue?

Have you posted this over at ?

it’s not s UA problem it’s something to do with Nuendo because the Audio still plays iTunes web input source to the Apollo just no sound on Nuendo when this happens…

Which Apollo model?
Which firmware?

You are running it on FireWire right?

I know people here locally using several Nuendo systems with Apollo, both Quads and Apollo 16, in live and realtime broadcast settings without issues. I don;t think it’s a universal problem (no pun intended). I think it’s an issue with your system.

Have you turned off ‘Release Driver in Background’ in the Devices>Device Setup>VST Audio System settings?

This can cause the driver to try and switch to WDM or other Asio drivers from other programs if they happen to be active, or at the very least cause a re-initialize of the driver when switching between Nuendo and other apps/windows.

I’m running Nuendo 6.5 on a Hackintosh, Mac OS X 10.9.5, UA Apollo Quad (thunderbolt). Sometimes I get momentary dropouts. When that happens, I shutdown the computer and power cycle both it and the Apollo. Problem usually goes away for a few days, then returns. I’ve always chalked this up to a problem with the Hackintosh/thunderbolt connection, but I’m not sure.