Anybody figured out how to use 12.0.20 with Kontakt with Apple M1?

So I’m basically at my end with Cubase.

10.5 was truly the last stable version I had. I’m running an M1 system with 12.0.20. For every project, I will get 50%-100% and dropouts running 1 Kontakt track and 8 audio tracks. I spend more time troubleshooting this DAW than recording now.

Steinberg confirmed yesterday that Izatope and Kontakt do not work on 12 and this is a known issue. There will be a new update (I feel like I’m just chasing these now) but there is no release date according to the CS team and no guarantee it will fix the issue.

My question is, has anybody figured out how to use Kontakt with 12 and not have the system run at max and dropout? I’m on hold with the tech team but I don’t know if I’ll get through at this rate.

I downloaded and tested in Reaper (Just to compare) with the same midi file and the CPU was running at 5% with just the midi track. Pretty clear the issue is the confirmed one in Cubase.

If this is a continued issue I think I’ll be looking for a new DAW but after years of Cubase use that sounds like a pretty bad option but maybe the only one. Any tips, thoughts, or work around? Or has anybody gotten 10.5 to run somehow on an M1?