Anybody got channel strip to work with Cubase 6?

Hi, installed Cubase 6 on my new W7 64-bit PC with the MR816CSX recently. I had downloaded and installed the Tools for MR version 1.7.0. The driver works fine. What I can’t seem to get working is the channel strip to control REVx and the morphing thing. It does work on my old XP machine under Cubase 4.5. Anybody got it working, and was there any trick to it? If I look at devices, I do get the Hardware choice, so it’s at least partly there.

Solved with help of Support. I was looking in the wrong place. It’s different than it was in Cubase Studio 4.5. Thanks, Support.

Hey Early21,
Can you share that info please if you remember? My channel strip works but I’m having a hard time with the reverb .