Anybody has anything to say about NI Session Horns Pro

Maybe it’s too new for anybody to have an opinion but I kind of like it.
Session Horns Pro sound demos
The first phrases before the trombone is really not very good so I don’t know why they chose that to take the first hit!
From then on it could be good enough for horns-in-a-box? But €299 !!! Naw … :confused:

Listening again … it’s clean … squeaky clean! No omppf, no raw power, no … fart! :laughing: Horny instruments should be more vivid and obscene than that!

Anybody has a better suggestion for horns package?

I got N I’s Session Horns for $49 during the December sale, [not sure if that’s a lighter version of Session Horns Pro or not], and at first I was a bit underwhelmed until I choose some of the different articulations & presets.

Then with a bit of different velocity playing variations, it really came alive for me. I wouldn’t say it’s my go-to horns library, [mainly because I’m not sure I can separate the instruments into solo modes], but I’m quite happy with it for $49.00, and have used it in a few songs now along side with Embertone’s Sensual Sax - the 2 work excellent together!

My two go-to libraries for single Sax & Trumpet are Embertone’s Sensual Sax & Chapman Trumpet, but I have just purchased ‘The Saxophones’ 4 pack from Sample Modeling, so it may take first place fairly soon.

A steal at $20 & $30!

Too bad you missed out on the recent Fanfare deal from Musician’s Friend for $29 - down from $400 [or something like that].

If you’re not too concerned with price, some recommend Sample Modeling Products for the ultimate realism in sounds.

Of course there are others out there, but I don’t own those nor ever tried them.

Thanx man! That’s what I call an answer! :sunglasses:

And that Sample Modeling crap is just sick!!! :open_mouth: I’ve heard it before and how can you not want that?

Aloha guys just to chime in,

Speaking as a ‘spit valve bonist’

1-I like these sounds. (warm and not overly bright)
2-I like the diff approaches (IMHO quite clever)
3-I do not like the price. Should be half of what is offered.
4-before pulling the trigger I am waiting to see what the new
SampleTank 3 will bring in this horn/brass arena.


The non-Pro Session Horns was great value during the sales, especially if you spend the time and learn the nuances of the articulations. I can’t fault the sound as it sits nicely in the mix and effectively gives you a nicely-arranged horn section which is easily managed by a non-horn player (me for example!).

I just can’t see how I could justify even the upgrade price to Pro though … you have to look at what can be gotten for that kind of money in other libraries. I think you would have to be really deeply into your horn arranging to be able to get the value out of it.

Get Sample Modeling. Better in all departments than any of this demo.


For what it’s worth the Session Horns Pro package is a significantly upgraded product. There’s a comparison page that shows the differences between the two packages.

I’ve used Session Horns and Session Strings on a couple of tracks, and they’re pretty rad. I am also, however, among those not quite ready to spring retail for the upgrade. I’ll hold out for Komplete 10 Ult.

NI did the same thing with Session Strings.
I would just wait for NI to release K10U. My guess is late 2014 or early next year. You buy a couple of these packages and it’s the same as just upgrading a Komplete package.

yeah, it’s NI! hmm, didn’t think of that.
I have some Komplete version … I think it’s Komplete 5.
I can wait an update that next year.

very strange sales model? :confused: :laughing:

Thanks guys,

I received a notice this morning from Native about this release.

Does anyone have any EXAMPLES of their creations (please) using the SHP or SH (on Soundcloud or wherever)?

I would much rather hear the work of a fellow Cubase collegue than the zuped up demo’s on the NI website.



I thought the demos sounded pretty nifty. I would never buy it though because I’ve always been happy with my own horn arrangements using the stock Kontakt samples. The only thing that would get me to consider purchase another library would be the articulations, velocity layers, and the ability to solo each instrument.

I’ll have to check out the Embertone libraries.