Anybody here from the blue forum days?


If my memory serves my user name was dr_funk or dr.funk. I think there was two of us…

Came back to Cubase after a long excruciating hiatus with No Tools. Not by choice mind you.

This place doesn’t look as trashy as the old place…This won’t do…

We’ve all been sterilized and turned into semi-obedient versions of ourselves. I just don’t know who I am anymore, thanks Steinberg! :laughing:

All I remember are peeps like Nerg and … and…ah crap. :laughing:

I went by the handle “ZapAxe” at nerg’s

MIKE!!! :smiley: :wave:

Yup! I waz der :wink:

The Dr. is back in the house!


What happened to the “Black Irish” ? So many seem to be just gone from here. I can’t even remember the guy’s name that passed away. So many changes. I just don’t remember all those guy’s from the past.

But wasn’t that KOCK over at Nergs?


But…the “Dr”…? isn’t this ummm…Mike was/is it? The traveling bass player? :slight_smile:

They’ve all been banned & all balls have been removed! You should see the collection in the Steinberg jar :laughing:


Allright, you caught me! Mike, my handle back then was Lander. There was a short time when worlds were colliding at Nerg’s that I posted under the name “GOD”. Tim banned this alter-ego of mine and the “Great Religious Melting Pot” boiled over!

Man that was a fun! Welcome back!

:smiley: WIM!!

Hey gang! I do believe I see some peeps I remember. Yeah I be that travelling bass player dude.

This place looks way too clean. Who’s in charge?

I have been here from the white forum days, which preceded the blue forum days.

So there, all y’all just got TOLD!!! :exclamation:

I’ve been here for a while (2002 and SX 1) …and yeah, the place is certainly clean, 'too scared to cough… :wink: .

By the sans-balls powers invested in me, YOU SIR! :mrgreen:


No more colorful posts. Geeee No excitement, a lot of wooooses here now I guess. :wink:

Kinda bland & sterile now isn’t it, but I guess that’s how Steinberg wants it.

I was Spartacus , er , I mean ZapAxe too ! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: