Anybody know what causes a WAV or MP3 to create a filename with .vs extension?

I’m accustomed to the .gpk and .mrk files that Wavelab generates along with my rendered files but in the past couple of days I’ve had files show up there that had .vs on the end.
Filename.wav.vs Filename.mp3.vs
Google says it’s related to Visual Studio and OpenGL for videogames but this doesn’t make sense to me for it to appear with my Wavelab renders.

Any ideas?

I think you might be seeing the “View Settings” file that WaveLab can create. Check your Preferences but you can tell WaveLab to save these in an independent folder that you never see or think about, or not at all:

Thanks, Justin.

Another good solution but I am concerned that this started happening out of the blue for no apparent reason.

Hmm. What do your settings look like on the page I showed above?

The .vs file is definitely the view setting, but I don’t know why your Preference for it would have changed for no reason, but it seems that it has. I would set your Preferences like shown in my screen shot and forget about it.

When I unselected the top box, I also got the .vs file as shown here. The .vs file is just a companion file to the actual WAV or mp3 that tells WaveLab what your last view was. This file is needed because you’re in the Audio Editor and not an Audio Montage which stores the view within the .mon file.

Screen Shot 2022-03-24 at 4.29.33 PM

Save View Settings in Companion is the only one checked. No possible way I inadvertently changed it. I haven’t been in Prefs>Audio Files in a very long time. In fact, when I scanned my entire computer for .vs files it only found the handful I’ve seen in the past 3 days. Weird but glad to know it’s not something other than Wavelab causing it.

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Interesting. I have seen cases where settings seem to randomly change such as a plugin getting set to have the “GEN” or generic GUI for no apparent reason.

I think the .vs might store the Master Section plugin chain as well so I’m not sure if you’re doing anything different there. I remember it being weird/dangerous that the .vs would contain the plugin chain settings and that it’s possible to be saving it somewhere hidden on your computer possibly never to be seen again if it contains important plugin settings.

The actual view setting is not super important but the .vs may store other settings as well.

Maybe PG or somebody who actually uses this can weigh in but for me, it’s 100% montage or nothing.

It also contains the associated Master Section settings, if any saved for that file. Hence only erase if you don’t use that feature.

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