Anybody running a CMC? Thoughts?

I was looking at these via YouTube and some people seem to think they are indispensable. Eh, not sure about this but the one that controls the basic play/record function seems a possible time saver, as well as the the multipad one. Anybody care to comment?

Next question. On this subject, are any of you thinking that eventually the iPad will replace these devices and in fact be able to duplicate any and all of the CMC functions?

No, I don’t think a tablet will replace devices with knobs. The most important factor being that to control anything from a tablet, you don’t just need your hand(s), but also your eyes. All functions can ofcourse be translated to any kind of software, so that’s not a problem. I’m very happily using my Tranzport and will continue to do so.

Hi, Arjan. OK, you have me curious. I know you typically connect Cubase to WL and run them simultaneously so I assume the transport CMC controller being used in Cubase doesn’t interfere with WL. Well, does the CMC device have any control over WL? I assume not but for my process that would be awesome.

Are you able to run this on a USB hub, BTW? I ask because my USB options are getting limited on my current DAW.

Hi mr. roos. No I don’t own a CMC, but a Frontier Design Tranzport - a wireless controller that I only use with Cubase. I never bothered to try it out in Wavelab since I don’t use WL remotely from my recording room or vocal booth. I’m pretty sure CMC will control WL, but you’d have to check in the WL forum. As far as USB hubs go, they’re mostly advised against to use with the e-Licenser key - don’t know about problems with CMC over a hub.

Alright I read up on the Tranzport and it seems to have been ahead of the curve. $200 I am not sure about considering I have the basics of this with the iC Pro app on my iPad. And yes, I use it like you do apparently, controlling Cubase while I am in the sound room. It is awesome to have this ability, agreed.

OK, is anybody here actually using a Steinberg CMC device?