Anybody running a firewire interface with a PCI-e card?

Hi. I’m running a PCI slot firewire card for my Mackie interface. I realize that not every PC is coming with PCI slots these days and some folks are using firewire PCI-e slot cards. Since the PCI-e connection is actually a faster connection than the PCI connection, I’m wondering if I might benefit from a switch. Is anybody here using a PCI-e firewire card with good results? I have read that the Texas Instrument chipset is still the one to get, BTW. Thanks for any input.

OK, no response. I did find a posted message on a different forum and based on this I think it’s worth a shot to try the PCI-e firewire card. I’ll let you know if I experience any difference in performance. :slight_smile:

I installed a SIIG FireWire PCIe card (SIIG DP FireWire 2-PPort PCIe from Newegg/Texas Instrument chipset) and my system is seeing a measurable improvement. Funny how this has never come up on the forums. Oh well, to those with ears then. Cheers.