Anybody still producing 90's Rave Hardcore Makina

Cubase 10 user… I grew up on The 90’s rave sound. Quite a lot of DJ’s NE England, event and bedroom are wanting new material. I don’t play it, I play pop dance and urban at the local pub but!!! It’s a long shot, any users here still into that sound?

I’m new to Soundcloud, here’s my account. 10 Samples uploaded, small examples of full tracks, a few DJ’s already playing some.

I’ve opened a few jobs over on fiverr, really enjoying the community over there. Anybody interested get in touch.

Quite a few jobs have gone out on fiverr now. Some midi transcribed of a pop dance track to speed up. A lead melody for a vocal we had and a counter melody for a 2nd section of another track. Plenty more jobs going out over the next few months. Some of the replies have been shockingly bad but things are going well.

Probably talking to a wall here but if we don’t shout out, we miss the opportunity of stumbling into the essential missing pieces.

Novembers WIPs. If anybody has advice on how to turn down the harshness without losing aggression, please message me, much appreciated.

The music brings back nostalgic memories from the past.

It is fantastic and fulfilling.