Anybody tested Mac Studio M1 Ultra?

Was wondering if anybody got the new M1 Ultra Mac Studio with Cubase 11/12

I would like to know if there is a big difference between the Mac Studio M1 Max, the Macbook Pro M1 Max and the Mac Studio Ultralalala

Since its double the money, it would be nice to know (2300 vs 5000 euro)


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I have the exact same question. I have a windows PC today with a 9900K, 64 GB, SSDs and so on and it struggles with all (40 inputs via 2 Presonus 2626 and 3 adat expansions) the external instruments that I have simultaneously.
When I tried a MacBook pro with the MAX processor it was sooo much faster and latency went down to 3 ms.
So i´m thinking about buying a Mac Studio and the question is if I should go for a MAX or ULTRA version. I know that I will add more gear over time. Presonus can cascade 4 pcs of 2626 with 2 ADAT expansions each having 4 * 3 * 8 inputs = 96 inputs. That might call for a faster processor. Anyone have the same thoughts as me?


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Does anyone else find it strange how big the M1Max studio is considering that chip does just fine in a 14" or 16" MacBook Pro?

Does look like a brilliant desktop solution but I would only consider it if I needed an ultra, otherwise, might swell just get the mobile variant.

its probably for cooling/heat issues

I have the same thing right now…

im running a 5950x beast, but it already struggles with full loads…its just not fast enough.

I saw in a benchmark on YT that some AMD Threadripper (forgot the name, but is comparable to my 5950x) was faster than the Ultra.
Im not sure what this means in real plugin count on native Apple Silicon :wink:

I wanted to buy the new macbook pro (i have the last intel one) , because i travel a lot.
But lately i get so crazy from everything beeing so tiny, i take a big screen with me anyway.
So I might bring a Mac Studio with my carry-on instead of a laptop.

Because of the waiting list i was waiting (duh) and now suddenly this Mac Studio appeared!

So difficulttttttt…so many options!!!

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I just ordered a Studio with:

  • Ultra with the 48 GPU cores, not the 64 cores version
  • 128 GB RAM
  • 2 TB SSD

As I plan to use this device for 7-10 years, I upped the RAM and added 2TB for the system drive (expanding via thunderbolt later on). My main problems with the previous machine (a hackintosh) was that my system drive was always full and it gives me some extra room to store and work on local projects if I need to.
128 GB RAM look a little overkill at first but I thought, in 5 years, who knows what newer higher detailed sample libraries with more demanding specs are going to be needed, so I just upped it from my original 64 to 128. I know that the SSD also basically acts as a RAM thanks to the fast internal read/write speeds but again, many things can happen in 5-10 years. Full drives, corrupted drives, newer plugins that we don’t even know the specs for yet…so just to be sure.

Spec-wise, I haven’t upgraded any of my previous PC’s or mac pro’s that I’ve owned and worked with before except due to some hardware failure. in an older Mac Pro, it was the GPU that got fried due to some bad thermal design in the mac pro 2007, so I had to replace it 3(!) times. Glad this sits all in the M1 chip now and the thermals here are negligible. Also, cubase doesn’t need GPU power at all…

Still have to wait till June but I’m stoked! Cubase 12 is going to run like hell on this machine! Especially because many developers are making the mac studio part of their development server rig thanks to the space efficiency and quick compliling abilities. That gives me good confidence that software for the M1 will be very stable and efficient in the coming years.


That’s going to be a bit of a beast. 128gigs is a bit too huge?
I also have a 7-10 year plan and your right to focus on memory as being the biggest benefit in the long run.
What about making it last 5 years and going for an m1pro with 64gigs? then with the money you save get a M5pro with 128gigs for the same price in 2027 :slight_smile:


how long is your delivery time you think?

im moving to Cyprus, they said its months before it comes :confused:

3 months. Most mac studios are sold out right now and custom builds are taking longer usually. The chip shortage doesn’t help with this either :stuck_out_tongue:

How does it perform after 6 months ? I’m new to Quey by DSaudio coming from logic, running massive sessions on the latest Mack book pro 64 Gig I can see key bases using up to 84 gig on some of my projects, but I can’t see any performance slowing because of exceeding the internal RAM , I guess because the hard drives are so fast now I’d love 128 gig and I’m thinking about Max. Logic on the other hand, did not like me coming close to the 64 gig internal RAM!

Super happy with it. I did a couple projects this year that had loads of virtual instances. Usually between 45 and 80 OPUS instances, a couple KONTAKT or Pigments instruments inbetween and it does not budge. My sample buffer is usually around 64 and 128. And I am still running in Rosetta mode as most of my plugins haven’t made the jump to M1 native yet.

Even though I am not using my mac at its fullest potential at the moment, it is already pushing a big load of data almost every day.

Rendering a large scale score in over 50 separate channels/stems at 48000/24 via a LAN share? No problem.

I am looking forward to gradually using my software in M1 mode the more developers are making the jump and I am still looking at it very optimistically. Even though it is taking quite longer than most of us anticipated.

The first week I had this mac, I made a little fun Lo-Fi beats session in a really “idiotic” kind of manner - by just putting all the 12 or so tracks into one big cubase project. I really just wanted to test my limits. This meant I would have to deal with lots of instrument layers, audio tracks and effects for every single of these tracks. The Mac Studio just took all of t his without even a little beep. This 1 hour beats collection took around 20 minutes to render.

Yes, I am glad to have the 128GB RAM as I noticed quite a lot of my RAM is used especially with all these sample libraries.

There is some folks who complained about “coil whine” which I can hear too, but it is not as loud and relevant as some users make it out to be. The noise it produces is at a level where it can be very subjective and sometimes you hear a little whine when it’s in idle and then when you push the mac with some tasks, the fan goes into a faster RPM and the whine is gone. Again, it is such a negligible noise that you probably have Tinnitus that is louder than this.