Anybody using C8 with Mountain Lion?

Hi, I’m currently running Mountain Lion and would like to upgrade to C8 and am wondering if anyone’s having success this way as C8 does not “officially” support it. I’ve got a lot of projects unfinished in C7 and am afraid of upgrading Cubase and operating system at the same time as I’d have to go to Yosemite as I missed out on ability to download the Mavericks installer.

Any thoughts?

Ha! I had exactly the same reservations as you…
Yosamite sounds scary & UAD don’t support Yosamite at all so I tried Cubase 8.05 on my Mac Pro running OS 10.8.5

I can report that it’s the most stable & efficient Cubase I’ve run since I first started using it in the 80’s on an Atari!


Wow, thanks for the reply, that’s good news. If I go ahead with C8 on 10.8.5, it’s good to know I won’t be venturing into uncharted territory alone. Anybody else try?

I know I’ll have to eventually upgrade OS as well but would like to do things gradually and one step at a time. I’ve got UAD-2 as well and didn’t even realize they were not supporting Yosemite yet, so thanks there as well.

I wish I could find a reliable installer for Mavericks as that would be the next logical baby step but haven’t had much luck yet.

Yea im on 10.8.5 on one of my systems and yosemite on the other. Both stable - you should be good to go.

Thanks, I’m curious did you do a “clean” install of yosemite or upgrade directly from 10.8.5?

Well I didn’t.

Mountain Lion is on my Mac Pro 2010

Yosemite is on my Macbook Pro (upgrade from Mavericks.

Although I am about to update mountain lion on my Mac Pro though so Im asking myself the same question. I’ll probably clone the drive, then upgrade. If it doesn’t work like I think it should, I’ll do a clean install… then if all fails I still have my backup.

Yeah, sounds like a good strategy. I’ll probably do the same but if I can getC8 going on 10.8.5, I’ll take my time. If you get a chance, please report back on your progress with yosemite update if you go ahead.

Thanks a lot