Anybody using N7 on Windows 10?

How’s it working for you? What do you think of the appearance? Any quirks compared to Windows 7?

No real problems here (with the same computer config you have).
To be fair, video cards seemed to give me BSOD recently but it must be a hardware aging trouble from my cards.

I’ve had some odd issues and I created a post about it but apparently, everyone else is doing fine as no one responded to my post. I just get intermittent performance meter spikes that stop recordings. Very odd in that I had no problems on Nuendo 5.5. and Windows 7 on the same machine. It took a while to get used to the changes in Nuendo 10.

I’m using it with no problems. Only one: most of the time I have to launch it twice as elicenser is not seen the first time. Other than that it is pretty rock solid. I don’t like the new workspace windows but the appearance seems fine.

No problems here. Using Nuendo 7 and Cubase 8.5 and all is well, no crashes and loading big projects without bugs.

All is working well here. Touch screen works better in win 10 too.