Anybody using Nektar Panorama with Cubase 10

This is what I’m hoping but it’s currently not working properly for me. I’m hoping we get a Cubase upgrade pretty soon. It’s been a while by the looks of things/

Oh whats the issue then?

When I swap the Nektarine file with where the P series looks for the Cubase P series file, the P Series sees the new file, displays the parameters but non of the settings work.

Have you got the latest firmware on your panorama (Panorama_P6_FW_V011403.bin is the last file i can see on my machine)? My bet would be that.

Also are you running the latest (1.3.85) beta of Nektarine?

That’s what i’m running.

Also are you copying
C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\Nektar\Nektarine\Mapping Files\Instruments

C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\Nektar\Common\Mapping Files\Instruments

I’ve had some oddities when setting up in the past and had to reflash the firmware, or do a factory reset - and that sorted out any initial install problems. Only the once though, when i moved from Logic (Mac) to Cubase (Win10).

Double checked everything.

Latest Nektarine 1.3.85
Firmware Panorama_P6_FW_V011403.bin

I was copying the file from Nektarine default included files


Thank You

Ah ok, so there’s a chance that you’re copying mappings from older versions of the plugins you have perhaps? I’ve had this issue with Synthmaster VST before. The parameters display on the screen because of the text assigned to them, but the actual Parameter ID’s have changed in the plugin following an update.

Personally, i’d try to create a basic mapping in Nektarine, confirm it works with your P, and then copy it using the folders i’ve stated above and check within Cubase transparently.

I thought I tried this but I’ve just realised… I started with the original Nektarine mapping and tried to modify that, which would be wrong. I will try again with a fresh map.

Thank you

I can’t find any mapping files in this folder, but cubase’s instruments are mapped normally in my P6.
When I create a map in Nektarine standalone, it generates a new map file and I copy it to the mentioned folder, but it doesn’t work transparently withing cubase.
So I’m guessing my P6 is not reading maps from this folder (?).

I’ve been after this ever since I got my P6, cause to me mapping instruments with only 4 unnamed pages, having to use the knob to change pages, etc. is quite useless, unfortunately. I end up preferring to use my mouse, and only map specific controls using internal mode when I want to record some automation.

Cal you help me, please? What am I doing wrong?

I have downloaded and installed the latest firmware and nektarine within “studio one” at Nektar’s website, the standalone Nektarine works fine (but not the plugin). Cubase integration is otherwise working fine.

Why doesn’t Nektar allow the user to create the map and then simply make the Panorama read from that? It’s obviously possible, since Nektarine exists, and Nektar themselves can map plugins to work transparently, but the way it is now, it’s annoyingly “almost there”, but in a useless way.

Thanks for your help!


I found what I was doing wrong: I was editing the patches that nektarine created by itself.
When I deleted all patches in nektarine and made one from scratch, it worked perfectly.
I cant believe it!!!

This is incredible, unprecedented in the history of MIDI controllers. It’s a total game changer, the world needs to know about it.

Thanks guys!!! Thanks NEKTAR!!!

Ah good to hear. Some plugins can be a pain due to how they’re setup, but on the whole it does work well. And you soon learn some tips, for example i don’t like the time it takes to turn the menu knob near the screen so i hardcode the parameter pages at the bottom push buttons to navigate - it’s much quicker, but ultimately takes longer to create a mapping.

You’ll also notice that for instruments the standard is to have Amp ADSR, Filter ADSR on the filters too - copying that across into your own mappings is great for muscle memory control.

But the process should be more formal than having to discover how to create and copy mappings across for the P Series, i appreciate it’s the T models they’re pushing as the newer units. But really, a standalone Nektarine that writes the files to the correct locations automatically would make it so much nicer to use as it would feel more formal supportive of the P series.

Fix the plugin in Cubase, address a few little niggles here and there and it would be gold. Let’s hope they can take that extra step.

What do you mean? Did you mean “faders” instead of “filters”?

Oh I’d love to learn how to hardcode the bottom push buttons for navigation. I don’t care for the scrolling either, but as of now Nektarine doesn’t allow me to use the fifth button. Since I sometimes need more than three buttons for parameters, I’ve been using just “one direction” cycle. Each page has a button directing to the next page until it arrives at the first page again. The fifth button is always “menu”.

How do you do it?

And yes, Nektar is now closer than ever, it would be great if they perfected this system. And by the looks of it, It shouldn’t be hard to code at all!

Oh you just map the buttons to pages that you have already created by using the controls at the bottom of the screen.

If you look at some of the Nektar mappings they use the same technique to flip between tempo synced elements and time based. i.e. if you had a stereo delay that had a switch to set the delay intervals to be ms or bpm related they map one page to show controls as ms, and the other pages as bpm.

Then depending on if the user hits the ms or bpm button the controls update as the page changes, simple but effective.

And yes, i meant faders not filters, doh! :slight_smile:

cool! i hadn’t tried that way for flipping tempo or synced before. And I didn’t know the button could be mapped to a control AND a page simultaneously, It is pretty clever!

Thanks a LOT for your help!

regarding the faders for filters, I tend to follow the layout of the synth. If its knobs, Ill map it to knobs! heheh

Some nice new info here, thank you.

I have a new strange problem, not sure how/why this started. When I delete the mappings for a pluggin via the synth learn mode/page… the P series remembers but isn’t creating a new file for that synth in the location I previously had figured. This is for a synth currently not mapped and there’s no mapping for it in the original default location being created either. Where’s it putting this info to remember?

I was also suprised by this. The default mappings folder is empty, yet the P series gets its maps from somewhere. I have no idea, but you`re not alone!

But to be honest, after nektarine Ill never map a plugin using learn` again.

Good luck!

I’m going to need it.

Are we using the Firmware that comes in the Cubase installer or the Firmware that comes with Studio One that allows the download of Nektarine? I’ve read info that we need to use the right firmware associated to your DAW but i installed the latest with S1 thinking that was ness for Nektarine.

Cubase Nektar P6 Sylenth1 simply isn’t working. I’ve tried everything and keep trying as people say it can work without Nektarine.

If mapping from scratch in Nektarine, deleting all the other Sylenth1 files from default locations, putting the new Sylenth1 map file in map file location (default and/or common)… now it’s as though the P6 completely ignores the map file (non of the changes reflected when in cubase) and reverts back to a Grab.

Using a modified default Nektarine mapping shows the changes when in Cubase but Sylenth1 doesn’t respond.

Are you getting results with Sylenth1 or is it other synths?

Make sure that your nektarine Plugin locations matches Cubase. I’m not 100% sure but it’s possible you could be mapping a different version of sylenth1 maybe? (I.e 32/64 bit, VST2/3).

Just an idea!?

That’s exactly what i thought but everything checks out. Also location is correct as when i put the Nektarine default version there… The P6 sees it, displays all the knob names, menu system etc when Sylenth is loaded but the P6 fails to control the synth.

Can anyone share some of their files I can try.

Thank you

I’ve narrowed my P6 SYLENTH1 Nektarine Cubase conflict down to 1 main issue. The P6 completely ignores the mapping file in Nektarine if from Cubase, and vice versa, the P6 completely ignores the mapping file in Cubase if from Nektarine.

This only happens with Sylenth1, I’ve done changes and new files with other synths and they crossport.

The best way to describe it is as though Cubase and Nektarine are loading different versions of Sylenth1, the mapping file made is for a different synth. I’ve tried checking vst2/3 etc but sylenth is VST2 only and I have no 32 bit

Interestingly… when the Sylenth1 map file is copied across, when saving a new file that would save in that same folder, it doesn’t overwrite as it would normally, the save adds a number to the end like the software wasn’t using the file there already, and windows adds the extra number because it’s the same name, which supports my belief.

Total Madness!!!