Anybody using Nektar Panorama with Cubase 10

I’ve got it talking to the Komplete Kontrol and sending parameter names and data, plus VU meters via the JS/API side of things:

Trouble is, with the Komplete Kontrol it’s very much a hack as you have to work within the refines of their mixer view, and the standard controls are horribly setup so you have to filter out and translate to get some kind of normal feel to the rotaries.

I’ll have a play with the Panorama next week and if I get anything done i’ll send you some screenshots of what I manage. It’d certainly future proof them, as you’d get a decent integration without needing Nektar to maintain updates. If it works, C12 goes on sale - then bingo! haha.

Mine’s gone a bit yellow with age, the drum pads are pretty unusable, and keys not as good as the KK - which breaks my heart as I love everything else about them… But since moving things around, I just don’t have room for it full-time right now. :frowning: