Anybody Using NRPNs Successfully?

The data is recorded, I look at my controller lanes and it looks crazy. I know NRPNs use 4 CCs to get their point across but the lane with the filter movement looks broken up into several different sections. I performed a smooth filter sweep from minimum to maximum and the resulting data looks nothing like a smooth filter sweep. Impossible to edit. Someone please just answer this question.

Can Steinberg’s Midi Sequencers deal with NRPNs is a useful way. Cause this isn’t useful so far.

Thanks for your time.

I’m using it successfully. See your duplicate post, please. This is on the transmit side.Try to use any “MIDI Monitor” app, like MIDI-OX for Windows. I expect, you will see, the hardware send all of these data.

So you can do a smooth filter sweep using NRPNs and the data doesn’t look like broken up pieces? As in the attached image? Something about 7bit controller lane data display versus 14 bit.

You will see 2 or 3 types of dara, some are an offset abd give a straircase like pattern.
One of them is the actual cutoff knob position
This is done so you can have 4096 steps instead of 128

Yes, I can.

Sorry, I can’t see, what’s wrong on your screenshot? What would you expect?

I would expect it to play back without audible glitches if this is correct. I would expect to be able to edit it easily.

You can hear the cutoff is jumping from minimum and maximum exactly where the cutoff jumps in the controller lane. And how would you go about editing the controller lane with all the erratic activity. What exactly are you using NRPNs for?

All I am trying to do is record a smooth filter sweep using NRPNs instead off CCs. It doesn’t work smoothly, has audible glitches and is impossible to edit.


I understand the NRPN format is composed of 4 CCs messages. (6-38-98-99) I understand the broken looking display of the controller lane trying to fit 4096 steps into a space designed to display 128 steps. All this doesn’t mean a thing if it doesn’t playback smoothly. It just doesn’t work.

With CCs, I record a knob movement and it plays back just like I performed it. Perfect.
With NRPNs it doesn’t. The sound has glitches where the controller lane data jumps from minimum to maximum.

Starting to think my answer is directly above. It just doesn’t work properly in Steinberg’s sequencers. Enough going around in circles. Thanks everyone.


What is the reason to use NRPN instead of MIDI CCs in your case?

I’m using NRPN for example for the HPF Cutoff Frequency.

Isn’t the issue on the receiver side?

The instrument in question, the OB-6, can transmit and receive CCs and NRPNs. The most common knobs and buttons (Filter Cutoff, Resonance, etc) can send both CCs and NRPNs. Great no problems.
Other knobs and buttons on the OB-6 only send NRPNs. That means the LFO section, The X-mod Section and Detune, Pan, Sync button etc etc…

Try to delete all unnecessary events. You don’t need to repeat all events again and again, if the have the same value. Send the value only once, when it changes.

Thanks for all your help Martin. Things are improving on this end.