Anybody using RX6 RXconnect with Wavelab 9.5?

Can’t get mine to work? Any tips?

No. I can see it working well in DAWs like Pro Tools in AudioSuite mode but I have always wondering what the workflow for DAWs like Cubase and WaveLab would be. I’m a huge RX fan but normally all my files are already RX’d by the time I get to WaveLab.

The reason being is that I do most of my processing work with REAPER which IMO has a kick ass solution for using RX standalone and other external audio editors.

In the REAPER prefs you designate a primary external editor and you can open a section of audio in it, or a copy of a section of audio which is a beautiful thing because when yo do this, the audio opens in RX, RX is automatically focused for you, you make the edit/fix, save the file and CMD+TAB back to REAPER.

Now on your timeline you have perfectly in sync the fixed version and a muted copy of the original audio incase you decide that you need to start over on the RX repair and try again.

Sorry to get off topic but unless somebody can convince me otherwise, I think trying to integrate WaveLab and RX via RX Connect could be pretty clumsy at best.

I don’t foresee WaveLab adding an option like this although I think it would be a good idea.

The way to use RXconnect in WaveLab is to put it as an effect in the “master section”. Then if you want to edit the whole file go to the plug-in window and click the “render in place” button. That should send it to RX. After editing in RX click on the sendback tab in RX. Then go back to Wavelab and click the render in place button again. That should replace the file with the edited version. If you don’t want to edit full file, before sending to RX make a selection then click the “render in place” button. However make sure before sending back to Wavelab and rendering, selection isn’t changed.

Silb, thanks for your instructions. I will try today.

Silb, seems to work fine. Thanks! Also, seems that it works on the Audio Editor window but not Montage…correct?

Yes it doesn’t work in montage, because in Montage the “Render in Place” function doesn’t work.

The way I’ve used it in montage in the past is to create a segment in a clip, “clone and substitute” the segment, and then “edit source”, from which you can send just that selection to RX and back using render in place. Or do the same for an entire clip, using “edit source” or “clone and substitute”/“edit source”. I always use “clone and substitute” first for safety, so I still have the original file as it was, if needed.

Using RX7: RX Connect plugin in Wavelab 9.5. I can export a clip using the Render in Place button, but cannot send back without RX Connect opening another clip to edit, failing to paste in my repaired clip, and losing my original edit. Many times causing RX to crash as well.

Same thing happened with Wavelab 8.5/RX6.

Also RX connect seems to be running in the background, even when the plugin is turned OFF. A ‘render in place command’ for another plugin causes RX Connect to activate as well.

Does anyone have a solution to help these two play nicely together as they should?

I have resorted to exporting clips and reimporting them manually as a workaround. Time consuming at best.

Thank you in advance for any help offered!

No, but it’d be really great to see WaveLab offer access to an external audio editor app like REAPER does. If you could highlight a problematic area in the montage, press a command to send a copy of it to RX standalone app, make the edit, save/overwrite the file (because it’s a copy remember), and then have the new section active on a take/playlist in the montage allowing you access to the original audio in that spot incase you need to get back to it, that would be so powerful.

It’s a considerable reason of why I have integrated REAPER into my usual mastering workflow before finalizing in WaveLab.

Another bonus to this workflow is that only the small parts of audio that need fixing get sent to RX, and you also have a clear map on the screen of where all edits were made.

This is especially useful if your client sends you a new mix versos of a song that needs to be processed again. Now you can see visually where all the problems spots are and fix them again.

RX6 via the Connect feature with C9.5 wasn’t a problem. You did have to open RX6 and have it on the task bar - and, in Windows - you had to use the typical outputs and inputs you would use fro WL, BUT, you have to use the Windows MME driver in order to hear your sample in RX6. I put a video on YouTube, humble thing but it explains the process. I see that others have added comments with their ideas as well.

Haha, but now I am running RX7 and Cubase 10 and none of this is working. It will take some work to figure this mess out (if it’s even possible) as C10 and RX7 are not talking very well with each other, not to mention the problems with C 10 and WL. For some reason that I cannot understand, my audio driver is having some serious problems with using C10 and then trying to play audio in WLE9.3, WinMedPlayer, RX7, and my HOFA CD Burner. I have the ‘release driver when in background’ checked in C10, RX7, and WL but it makes no difference. I can run C10 all day without issue, but if I should leave it open and then try to play something in the other apps, they will lock up. And then when I return to C10, there is no audio, the driver has disconnected.

At this point the only solution is to restart the DAW computer. If anybody here sorts this mess please let me know. Funny thing too, C10 is a really nice DAW, very efficient and working well…by itself! :frowning:

I use WaveLab with RX7 and RX Connect and apart from the numerous bugs that I’ve found and reported and have now been told that RX Connect is not supported by iZotope with WaveLab have had very few issues with using RX Connect with WaveLab. The issues that I have had have mainly been with the RX Editor creating artifacts each time I make a repair.

Its strange that iZotope feel that hardly any one uses RX with WaveLab, hence their reluctance to support RX Connect in WaveLab and make it function properly. I’ve found numerous users of RX with WaveLab and feel that iZotope are missing out on a good market in this area.

But RX Connect and RX7 do work with WaveLab, but obviously not as well as they could and should. iZotope are not offering any further support for RX Connect being used with WaveLab. If RX Connect was supported by iZotope to work with WaveLab, then this would be a really fast workflow. It is my preferred workflow and it is fast. Being able to select and load, just the section of audio that you want to work on, results in a load time of a few seconds once selected.

You need to remove RX Connect from the Master Section after you have applied the process before you do anything else. If you do not, then RX Connect will open RX and load another audio section. Merely selecting bypass or turning it off is not enough. It will prevent another section from being loaded, but RX Connect will not work correctly then next time that you want to use it. YOU MUST LOAD A NEW INSTANCE OF RX CONNECT EACH TIME or it will not work. It will load the selected section, but it will not be returned. RX Connect will not have any audio to process and will be asking for you to select and send. YOU MUST LOAD A NEW INSTANCE OF RX CONNECT EACH TIME FOR EACH CLIP YOU UPLOAD!!!