Anybody using UAD-2 plugs on an Input channel?

The thing I find useful about the Kemper is how I can zero in upon those facets of my sound that I like. How I can tweak the responsiveness and feel under the hood in the amp section. I really do find that even new software like Bias sound wooden compared to the sounds I get from the Kemper. Obviously I am not going to convince you. However, whatever turns you on and makes your playing meaningful and enjoyable is what it is all about. The time you spend learning how to use your chosen method of delivering your playing further intensifies this enjoyment - well at least until you find something better. Which I have not done to date.

One thing I will say is that it does take a while to find those profiles that work for you as there are a lot of indifferent/poor/terrible ones out there. I can only say that the Kemper has radically improved to sound of my recorded guitars.

As for users: