Anybody using Windows 8 with Cubase?

Just curious. Upgraded my laptop, which doesn’t have any audio software on it. Don’t see any major difference, apart from the Start button going AWOL. :laughing: Not inclined to mess up the desktop yet though. The conclusion of this article looks promising but would like to hear the views of you guys before I consider the move. :wink:

I have an SSD drive sitting on my desk that is going in my laptop this weekend to do the same thing. I’ll be installing C6, W7 and other audio dodads. I’ll let you know how I fare.

Thanks guys. Looking forward to any updates you might have. :slight_smile:

Cubase 7 eh? I’m more suspect of the plug ins myself. Not that I have many but sheesh how long did it take for Waves to put out 64 bit? :laughing: The ASIO spikes are more worrying. Are you hearing crackles or just getting visual clues?

Not in a huge rush to make the jump just yet but always like to have the opportunity to tweak mah 'puter. If Windows 8 would help, even a little bit, without too many negatives, then I’m there! :laughing:

UltimateOutsider did some interesting and extensive testing beween Win7 & Win8. Maybe it’s worth the read.
Check out the thread here.

I’m worried about the firewire connection to my audio interface more than anything else. Should be fun to see how that works.

Thanks for the link (and the link within the link :slight_smile: ). There are obviously still some issues that need sorting before moving to Windows 8 becomes an attractive proposition.

iLok and Waves seem not to do well after the move. Waves, I sorta suspected but iLok? Ouch! Now that would be nasty. :frowning:

PCI here so dunno about Firewire but understand your concern.

Wait and see seems to be the way to go? :smiley:

I’m MADI on my main computer, but Firewire if I want to hook it up to the laptop. Not too many PCIe slots in my laptop.

IMO, that’s always the way to go when running a steady trouble-free rig. I’ve never been sooner than a year after official release of any Windows version, and usually later beacuse of ‘ain’t broke, don’t fix’ reasons. With Steinberg releases I may be a little more impatient… :slight_smile:

I usually go with ain’t broke, spend money until broke instead :sunglasses:

My discouraging results are likely due to MOTU driver inefficiencies that are only exposed on Windows 8 (the devices work great on Win 7). I’m left with the conclusion that Win 8 can deliver solid performance, but at the moment the results are very device/driver-specific. (Also, I do not recommend Win 8 yet for anyone who uses a lot of Waves plugins- I couldn’t get mine to work, and neither could Vin of DAWBench.)

The Cakewalk blog’s SONAR results, however, are misleading. There is no evidence that Win 8 improves actual DAW performance, even if other aspects of using your PC seem faster. At best DAW performance will be the same. This may change with service packs and Win 8-certified drivers, but that’s the pulse for now.

But hey, at least it’s not Vista.

EDIT: My recent-model iLok2 seemed to work fine (both after a Win 7-to-Win 8 upgrade, and a clean Win 8 install). One of the plugins I used for the benchmark tests was iLok-dependent. OP, did you have the latest drivers?

Check all relevant drivers before you jump, men and wait until some other poor beggar falls in the hole first. :mrgreen:

That’s what the laptop is for! Good for finding out all the BS without interfering with a rock solid working system.

Not an issue for me personally. Was referring to experience of those in the links kindly provided. :slight_smile:

My thoughts exactly! :smiley:

All sensible people excepted of course but as I see a lot of people falling into holes created by new software (who seem not to have spare laptops) I thought I’d mention it just before the launch. :mrgreen:

I installed the new SSD and did a scratch load of Win8, Office 2013 and Visual Studio 2013 last night. Then spent some time wandering around the system admin options.

Quick note on potential reasons for ASIO spikes. Indexing/File Scan is on by default even with the SSD drive. This means every time you access/change a file, the indexer will track it. Also, I had to drill down 40000003 menu levels and screens to turn off the new built in anti-virus “real time protection”. This also does a file scan in real time of all accessed files. Between the indexing system and the antivirus, a DAW would have a fight on its hands.

As I fiddle with stuff, I’ll update.

But only to a point. Anyone who knows computers knows that just because something works or performs in a certain way on one computer doesn’t mean it will do the same on another machine. Forums are full of posts where one person is having a problem that someone else hasn’t. So before the laptop checking crowd get too tired from patting themselves on their shoulders. :slight_smile: may I make another suggestion? Another way to prepare for a new o/s and check your solid working system at the same time is by the use of removable hard drives. Buy a bay, and two drawers. Your solid system o/s drive goes in one drawer and a new drive with Windows 8 goes in another. Swapping drives takes less than 30 seconds. And it’s a lot cheaper than buying a laptop. :slight_smile: That way you can test all your hardware in your working computer with Windows 8 and make a proper assessment of the hardware yet not affect that rock solid system drive in any way. What you can’t do with that approach is test some of the libraries easily and you don’t want to change anything on the other drives, so one has to know what they can do and can’t do, but when it comes to hardware, I suggest this approach always beats testing on another computer. Of course, it depend too what one wishes to test. Do you really want to see if audio interfaces have drivers that work etc. or do you just want to explore how Windows 8 itself works in general? What one wishes to do will help one decide the best approach for them. My point is though: what works on a laptop may not on a desktop and vice versa, so it’s always best to state what it is you are testing before making blanket statements. Just some thoughts.

Bredo, did you patch C6 to C6.5?

EDIT: Never mind … got it.

I’m using Cubase 6.5 x64 on Windows 8 Pro RTM x64 for a couple of weeks now without any problems. Just runs perfectly stable and fast. CPU utilisation looks excellent too.
Only my MOTU driver needs updating. Causes BSOD’s at cold boot and resume from sleep. But after reboot everything works fine.

Just an update after a week of very limited use of C6.5x64 on W8 … after disabling the indexing and turning off real time protection, I get no unusual ASIO spikes so far. However, it does seem that my performance is reduced somewhat. Although, it is difficult to do an apples to apples compare.

I just installed windows 8 on my MSI laptop and installed Cubase 6.5
Started Cubase 6.5, got a problem with eLicenser (must be run as admin), but solved it and re run Cubase.
Was extremelly slow (useless to try using in a proper way) and got a run error when closing the program.
I looked to the trouble shooter of Windows 8, and I get the message ‘Program Cubase is incompatible’.
I just reinstalled Windows 7, that works perfect.
Will wait for a couple of months ( or years) prior trying again.