Anybody want a single-window user interface?

How about drag 'n drop?

Looks like Cubase is behind the curve with their myriad of windows.


Why not try a different DAW?

Elektrobolt - Why you gotta go there? Perhaps your suggestions are the only valid ones, eh?

I’m think with you Mike, though it’s not “single window”, it should be the ability to separate windows at will and maximize them individually. I’d like to be able to maximize separate windows to my 3 monitors and not live in floaty window land.

They are truly in denial on this one. Why can’t I maximize all my windows and in the process maximize my work space, rather than wasting it? (which is exactly what happens)

How on earth does this not make sense? Literally every other DAW developer gets it.

Let’s see… “Looks like Cubase is behind the curve”, “They are truly in denial on this one” and “Literally every other DAW developer gets it.”

Looks to me as if the authors of the opinions in this thread think they know better.

Different does not automatically make something being “behind” or “not as good as the others”. (VST3 is a good example of how the same type of comments could be used for many products out there.) There certainly are ways to improve the way Cubase, or any DAW for that matter, handles its workspace and there are plenty of old threads in this forum in which to participate and weigh ones opinion.

Anyway, I think that my question is certainly not any more out of line than the comments quoted above.

+1 there is to much to cubase for just one window unless your using a 50" 4k monitor

I think people do not understand how this might be implemented.

I don’t have a problem with single-window user interfaces if they’re done well, with proper docking/undocking and multiple monitor support in their designs… however, I’d rather Steinberg focus on refining and perfecting their existing features. I’d like the MixConsole to be polished more, and then take those track filtering/grouping features over into the track/edit window. Basically, a seamless experience from MixConsole to Track view and back…

This link was offered in another thread (German):

I’d not be surprised if docking is an option in a later version.