Anybody wants to sell a Nuendo 8 license?

Seemed that I missed the sale on Steinberg. Anybody want to sell me a Nuendo 8 license?

Hug your Nuendo 7 and tell it how much you appreciate it! Lol. Nuendo 8.2 is like having the kid from hell after your first perfect child. It will amaze you, and then it will have you in a corner sucking your thumb. Some of the new features are indeed amazing. However, a lot of legacy features have been leveraged in the process. And that is where the heartache lies.

I’m on Cubase but think I will go with Nuendo in the future. Is yours for sale?

Hi, see your private messages. I have sent you one

Hi Stig:

Do you continue interested in buy a Nuendo license? I have sent you a private message but I did’nt receive any answer…

Best wishes

I do if u interested, but im in Malaysia … is it possible?

I don’t know check this out:
What’s your price?

Half price

I have bought a license.

Looking to buy a Nuendo 8 License!

DM me!