Anybody working with Vegas?

I know FCP is the default platform form the majority of film/video work. But I was wondering how many of you have worked in Vegas, particularly those of you who also use controllers.

I heard Magix came out with a new version after buying it from Sony. Very interesting. Magix seems to be a good host for Vegas it seems. I’m just a bit put off by the huge variety of software they have. They have something for everybody. From some ridiculous mainstream video app to some pro grade stuff. Magix to me was always a super cheap non-pro brand but I think they really worked on their pro apps. But it’s nowhere on my map as a pro software dev. :-/

Are you a Vegas guy and you like it?

I have Vegas 12 Pro, when it was Sony. I’m a Composer. So my only interest in it was to reference things (since you can’t render in Nuendo) before sending them back to clients. With the holiday coming, Magix had this upgrade sale to Vegas 15 Pro. I didn’t need it, but it was only $200.00 instead of $600! So, I went to purchase it and the sale wouldn’t go through. They had a phone number, so I called it to pay for it that way. Instead I got a message saying that if I was having problems paying online, it was because the company was based in Germany and my bank was probably prohibiting the transaction. So, I needed to call my bank or find another way to pay. Then it hung up! :astonished:

If that’s how they act BEFORE they get your money, I think it’s safe to say that we’re done! Ever since Magix took over, even getting things through on the Vegas Forum has been a nightmare! But yesterday’s experience was ridiculous.

My primary reason for asking was because I wanted to find out how many post guys were using it with Nuendo and how many of them had any tips on programing their controllers to make it work. One of my primary reasons for getting a controller was to have ONE SURFACE THAT CONSISTENTLY CONTROLLED ALL OF MY PROGRAMS. I’m not having much luck with intergrating Vegas with Nuendo via my Artist Series Rigg. I’m guessing my next Video Program will be Media Composer, if it’ll work on Windows. Then, at least, it should work better because its already Eucon based.

That was kind of a bad adventure story :frowning: OK, didn’t know Magix was such a shit show. Their marketing team seems to work, though.

Have you ever tried working with Vegas with a controller?

I worked with vegas with a controller, mcu. Had to switch modes and reboot the surface every daw switch.

I find Vegas the most natural to use as it was originally a DAW and can still be used as such. I had some limited success with the Shuttle Pro, but that doesn’t play well with either Cubase or WaveLab, and my Frontier AlphaTrack still works with Cubase but not with either WaveLab or Vegas. In the end I found I was spending more time trying to get controllers to work than it would have taken to learn and adapt key mappings, so currently I’m not using any dedicated controller on any of the mentioned products.

nope, not a vegas guy myself. more fcpx or resolve. no control surfaces.

I use Sony Vegas (and just bought Magix v15) for video editing. Vegas is almost certainly the best NLE for audio. It has full audio mixing features and a good suite of built in fx, plus VST support.
I use it for multi-camera editing (up to 9 cameras supported).
You can have per-track and per-clip video and audio fx which impressed a video editor who was in my studio recently.
Also, the amount of things you can do in realtime without rendering is very wide in Vegas.
I just use a mouse and qwerty keyboard. I don’t use controllers for anything.
p.s. Under Sony, you could install on pretty much any pc you owned (not 100 of them of course!). But with Magix, you only get a license for use on 2 machines at a time.

Somehow i got a cheap copy of Vegas 14, since version 7 or so i worked with it and it is Quite good.

I’m going to try Media Composer. Since its EUCON based, it should integrate nicely with Artist Series rigg.

Been using Vegas for many years. It’s very easy to learn, it exploits the Windows platform masterfully, and has the oomph to handle detailed work. It has compositing features that other platforms have to use a second app to do. It’s just not as entrenched as some other video editors. It’s hard to beat if your a one-man shop or an amateur, because you can get more done with it without having to switch tools.

I’m late to this thread but after getting my controllers setup quite well in Cubase I thought I’d see how I’d make out in Vegas (I own VP14 and VP15). W

I have both a NI Maschine MK2 and Behringer BCR2000 and have them working but it’s not as versatile as Cubase Generic Remote is.