AnyMix Pro - Issue: No SR channels in 5.1 fast export

Pretty self-explanatory:


  1. routing a stereo channel into a 5.1 surround output and
  2. using the AnyMix Pro plugin on that stereo channel

I don’t seem to be able to get the Ls/Rs channels to get rendered when exporting that 5.1 output faster than realtime. The mix sounds fine when just playing back and monitoring that 5.1 output, and recording that output in realtime to an audio track or choosing a realtime export in “Export Audio Mixdown” does render the surround channels. So it seems limited to faster-than-realtime exports.

Can anyone confirm this real quick?
Is this by design or is it an bug/issue?

(a bit bummed out because I kind’a liked that upmix option)

Yeah, it was discussed already somewhere here on the forum. Known bug since Nuendo 10. Just turn off Asio Guard for audio mixdown. That helps me every time I work with Anymix Pro.

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Must have missed that.

Thanks for the tip!