Anyone a Mac guru on here?

I’ve been running my M2 max out MBP sine they were released with lastest Cubase 12 , before that a Maxed out M1 MBP with no problems , but for the last week or so I am getting massive audio glides … I just noticed in the activity monitor “ThumbnailExtension_macOS” had crashed . anyone know what it is ?

I also noticed that with Cubase stopped, I could see massive CPU hits, so it’s the Mac OS not Cubase


By using Google, I can see you are not alone with this issue. It seams, disconnecting from iCloud, desactivating icloud Drive and reactivate it solves the issue to the users.

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Wow , I didn’t find that when I googled . gonna try now Thx Martin

this has been very interesting , I turn off iCloud Drive and man my CPU load dropped big time .

with iCloud Drive still disabled I spptted “Spotlight” was hitting the CPU so so I force quite “Spotlight” as well . I am not running Cubase 12 64samples on my RME and Kontakt 7 at 6Kb !!! with 500 + tracks loaded game changer :slight_smile:

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