Anyone able to contact SB support since C11 launch?


The last time I emailed Steinberg support (long before the C11 release) it took 3 months to get a response. At this point I wouldn’t expect them to be any faster.

Call them on the phone for a direct response.

I got a reply two weeks later … saying they were glad I had no problem … BUT THEY STAYED !!! In addition, they removed the software licensor with 4 purchased licenses from my account, suspecting that I had stolen them !!! Thus, they added more problems to me. They must be very tired …

I really never do because I either solve it myself or ask for help here. So if you have an issue you can hold your breath waiting for Steinberg Support or maybe spill your guts here? :slight_smile:

It’s actually very sad that Steinberg doesn’t read or respond to messages on it’s own support email box!

But like I said. If you have any issues? Just let us know? We just might be able to help you?

Thank you)) I think that only the support service can solve my problems, if it wants. And I don’t see any desire to help. On the contrary, they accused me of the devil knows what, and they themselves stole several licenses from me. I’m shocked. That is why I want to give advice to everyone - NEVER AND UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, do not activate your legal licenses on a software licensor !!! You can lose them at any time at the behest of Steinberg’s very support without explaining the reasons, only accusation of “manipulation” of the licensor … And the second tip. But first, the background. In 2019, at a good discount, I bought Artist 10, and a week later, having raised some money, I also bought the Artist 10 update to the Pro10 version and postponed these codes until better times. Ivot they came, as soon as version 11 was released, I activated my Artist10 and he became Artist 11, as Steinberg himself decided, but the upgrade to the Pro version did not go through, since it was intended to update Artist10 to Pro 10, BUT Artist became 11 !!! and that’s it … the support, having deigned to answer in 2 weeks, simply ignored my question and in addition deprived me of 4 more licenses. Aleluya !!! In short, I needed to activate Artist10 right after the purchase and then wait for the weather by the sea … That’s the story, kids.

Strange , i get answers within three days , maybe that’s because i’m royalty :unamused: :unamused: :wink:

Today they answered and sent new codes for activating the update. It’s been a long journey. Thanks for the support. Thanks to those who read this. Thanks everyone. Nothing cheers up like a solved problem!))

I’m in Australia and usually get a response from them in about 3-4 days. I have contacted them a few times and had everything resolved.

There’s been a few days and no responce yet.
Last time it was a few weeks or so :+1: :man_white_haired::+1:
Russia here