Anyone able to get onto the Gearslutz site?

Aloha guys,

I’ve been having probs logging on all day.

Are they down?

Maybe it’s just me. :frowning:


It’s up for me. But I just noticed Reddit was down, and I read this earlier today:

There’s some stupid errors in that article so I don’t know how reliable it is, but apparently something is going on.

Excuse me, but who wants to visit GearSnobs … unless of course if you are interested in if FireWire HDD will give you more “transparent” sound than an USB one :smiling_imp: :stuck_out_tongue: :laughing:

Seems to be back now.

Tanx guys.

Ma bad for wasting time/bandwidth.

I’ve read something about an international ‘massive cyber attack’ going on which may affect access on the net :confused: .