Anyone actually using a 42 inch monitor?

Anbyone actually using ta big 42 inch monitor? I have posted a few times about monitors. I am still tempted to buy a 42 inch, but some members have wanred about resolution (hi def) at this size. I even bought one, but the manufaturer cancellled the order for stock reasons,.

I am now tempeted again, but thought I would get the opinion of those that ‘have gone before’ (Now where did I hear that phrase?

The monitor will be about a metre way from my keyboard. About 1.5 metre away from my strange and very unreliable eyeballs


Well I jumped in. I got a 40" LCD monitor - from guess who?

Sainsburies! (LOL)

£249 LCD

Its rigged up and it runs Cubase fine

The resolution is HI Def, and at this size there is a slight compromise. Crystal accurate it is not, but useable it is.
With the project window maxed on the screen and when I am sitting very near (1.5 mtr), its good enough. I can see the text of the file menus and the track names just fine. I wear varifocal glasses and I must say that its much easier on the eyes than my old 19 inch 4/3 (non widescreen)

As for screen acreage, I am not used to the widescreen aspect. If I have part of the screen for the project and want ot have a vst and the mixer on screen, then there seems no easy compromise. Though the mixer is now resizable, you do start loosing feature visibility. VST are now ginormously large and are of course not resizable (well my ones are not).

Still I love it - so I am considering getting two now! One for the Project windows and one for al the VSTs

Two monitors at least, are the way.

But 40" at 1.5 meters is too big for me!!! but I can appreciate, it depends.

But as stated, all these monitors all have the same resolution, just varing size… so two 24" monitors or two 40" will both show the same content, 1920 x 1080.

Its overkill I admit, but it sure feals gute