Anyone already doing full sessions in N6?

Maybe this is the dumbest topic ever - I did a quick research but was not able to find a similar one:

N6 will arrive soon - I am working 70h/week in N5.5 in the moment and will check out N6 ASAP.

But I wonder if anyone is using N6 day in day out exclusively for complex sessions (rec, edit, mix)…



Completed projects - final mix to picture, album (predominantly organic/real instruments/live tracking), projects including tons of midi, etc, etc…

All good here. I won’t go back to N5.5 (seems so antiquated now). Loving N6!!!


i just did a full week of recording with N6; recording live concerts with 24 tracks to a macbook, and working with large projects (midi and audio) on a bigger machine in the studio.
no problems with the macbook, but had a lot of trouble on the studio-machine, unfortunately, getting a lot of harddrive-dropouts during recording. i did quite a bit of troubleshooting, changing drives, etc. (this machine had a rme-madi-card in it), without success. strange, as i did before large sessions on that same machine with N5.5 without any trouble - just to find out that this mac was running with OS 10.6., that N6 installed in 64bits-mode, and that i let it run that way (my fault, i did not check it).


I have done a full TV show mix.

However I was encountering serious problems with the offline history bugs.
Also I was encountering strange “made up” volume automation on a group track. I’m not sure if it is N6 related or a user error, but the missing AAF import functionality and offline history are enough for me to go back to 5.1.

I ended up doing track exports to Nuendo 5.1 and finishing it there. It was a rather unpleasant situation, but I know that it was very brave (stupid) of me to give it a try in the first place.

5.1 works and I can import AAF, I’ll stay there for quite a while I guess…



I agree, I think the new CR is a step backward. But it has its virtues as well. Just hope they can improve on it a bit.

Regarding all your comments regarding all the changes.

I still remember the forums when Cubase went from VST to SX1, he he wasn’t many that liked the design.

Or not to talk about when Nuendo got the CR in V3.2, almost 10 years ago.
People on forums were dissing it madly. Talking like: “CR, who will ever want to use such functions INSIDE the daw?” etc. etc.
And many hated the GUI design of it.

Steinberg was first with a CR in software DAW and I couldn’t live without the functions.



Almost. I’m reverting to N5 when I want to use SoundMiner.

No, apart from two TV-Mixes where I checked loudness functions.

As long as I can not fire up mixer commands without clicking into it first, and as long all the new features are not controllable comfortable without having a nuage, it makes no sense to me.

The last three AAFs I got could not be opened correctly in Nuendo, so I switched to PT for my recent major projects. First time since 2001.

I always used Nuendo in all these years “against” a protools-environment and tried to manage the upcoming compatibility issues with delivering sessions to avid on my way, because of Nuendos huge advances concerning free midi controlling and editing. These advantages are more and more gone in between, since PT came up with clip gain, realtime fades, native i/o, and Nuendo now focuses on Nuage-support, stopped generic remotes, and always comes up with this “large rewrite for the future”-excuses concerning new issues, wich I never had with any PT update, where I always just got some improvements and new features without screwing up old workflows or complete re-designs.

To understand me correct, Nuendo still for me is the better DAW, but in between and for the first time I’m thinking about if it is worth to follow them and having all this hassle with DAW-transfers.

(btw: do you remember the last NuendoInside concerning project transfer?)

I have done full song projects on N6. I feel good about the end product, but I still feel the old mixer in N5.5 has a better layout. I wish they could merge the channel strip into the old mixer. To be clear, what I liked about the old mixer is that the buttons were on the left side of the mixer, very small and discrete and did not get in the way. Whereas the MixConsole, has the buttons all the way across the mixer on every channel, and you can’t get away from it when you are not using them. The cascading plugins on Inserts was a great feature and I truly miss it. I enjoy the “typing” window so if I already know where I’m going with the plugin, I can just start typing the name. I can’t stand the having to expand to see my plugs.
I would like to see the ability of using custom plugins in the channel strip, but not a big deal because you can save Channel Presets anyway.

To sum things up, N6 features with the mixer of N5.5 would make me extremely satisfied.

It is stable and I am using the new features to make things go a little faster. I am looking forward to improvements in visibility but I am liking it.


I’ve done full projects on NU6. Mostly trouble free.

The mixer spreaded on my 4 monitor setup is great and very “hardware like”. Now, like everybody, I’m looking for the moment it will be lighter on clicks and less “roll over style” as well.

Brandy, you can run NU5.5 and 6 side by side, so just go for it !
It would be interesting to know how it copes with your workflow (lots of tracks and thousands edits).

Still running 5.5 & 6 side by side here, as my only really serious gripe with N6 is the problem with UAD plugins.
Everything else is either GUI related or nit picky really.

At first, the new mixer was a shock to the system but it has some really great functionality included that when I have to revert back to 5.5 I really, really miss. For example:
1 - The new plugin selection system is heaps better once you get used to it. Just type in the first couple of letters & it is there. Examples - say you want to use an LA-2A type compressor, just type in LA-2 and up comes a list with the UAD versions (all 5), the Waves versions etc all in one small list. Simples.
2 - The way I can right-click in a channel’s send list & tell it to create an FX channel - up comes a dialogue similar to the above, and when I pick whatever it is I want it does it & connects it, and even sets the send levels to my default preference. Excellent stuff.
3 - the Frequency display in the channel editor. Primitive right now but it can only get better, and is a definite step in the right direction.
4 - Channel linking is much improved, you get clear indication of what channels are linked and can control the link for each set of linked channels as you need to. Much better.
5 - Metering in general is also greatly improved.

Sure there are things I do not like, but then I am a grumpy old git who is resistant to change.

There hasn’t been a single Nuendo release that was ready for professional use until at least 6 months after its initial release. Nothing has changed apparently. N5.5 is working for me. I’ll probably be waiting at least until the fall for N6.

I have a love-hate relationship with N6. I love most of the new features ( I found very useful the Chord track, and new mixer and plugin search features) but I strongly hate the new GUI, that makes me lose a lot of time clicking.

The stability in my system has been very compromised until the last release, so that does not help either. I’m trying to be N6 only after summer, but it’s going to be hard. I hope that Steinberg ends this not-intended beta testing that we are suffering, and I really wish that Steinberg listen to their costumers and change this hateable GUI.

Hi all!

Sorry for being absent of my own thread :slight_smile: I was busy making records. In N5.5 :laughing:

Well, I just tried out C7/N6 and found myself posting a lot already regarding “that”.

Overall I can say that I am very impressed by the new mixer CONCEPT - it offers me all I wanted and need when dealing with very large projects - 300-400 tracks and stuff. There are a lot of things which are designed quite suboptimal though - the controlroom is A MESS - as well as I dislike the new edit window and I miss the good old “e” button… in the project window it is still there… why not in the mixer?? … and some other things…

The on/off button for plugins is missing (a PITA!) as well as I accidentialy disable/switch/do a lot of things just because some elements are TINY to click or it is not 100% clear were the “clicky area” is located (inserts).

Well, these are no FULL showstopers… Sad though that the great controlroom and the customizable edit window is gone…

BUT I just read about issues regarding UAD plugins??

What is going on there? I am using tons of them, still the 32bit version bridged via jbridge… And I read about issues regarding plugin parameters not 100% transfered when copy&pasting plugin/channel settings? Messed PDC as well in such scenarios - till the session is closed/reopened… I use truckloads of parallel processing as well as I usually just copy n drop plugins and stuff…

Any news here?

Stuff like that is often not THAT prominent in the forum but such things are the real showstoppers - IMHO!

There are various issues with N6/C7 with UAD, to the point where UA does not endorse the current software as a host-- it’s on their website and a link to it was posted somewhere around here. A google search will find if for you pretty easily.

I was having a miserable time with my Satellite until I reverted to 32-bit, and now everything seems to be fine. Looking forward to UA/Steinberg resolving the issue(s), and being able once again to use 64-bit.

I should add that 32-bit hasn’t really impacted my work (other than keeping my UADs from crashing). I’ve been working exclusively in N6 since it came out and have done about 10 audiobooks, a Nat Geo TV score, a couple of indie scores, a couple of film mixes and a lot of music.

N6’s mixer is a vast improvement, and I love the metering and options for various control room modules. But the kinks have yet to be worked out. As you can tell by the chatter around this forum, there’s a real need for better key command control of various mixer components. I’m looking forward to EuCon really working. Projects still bog down after a lot of edits and/or offline processes.

But none of these issues are enough (at least at this point) to chase me back to N5. I really like the new stuff.


Thanks, Chewy!

Well, so an old 32bit (and bridged) Version of UAD will work?

I have to say that I am usually doing larger projects in Nuendo, 300 or more tracks and truckloads of plugins - usually I max out my UAD2Quad… I need 64bit usually regarding Nuendo because of Orchestral Sampler-Stuff etc…

I will just open a bigger session in N6 soon - just checking it out.

I did only tests on my Macbook with smaller sessions. Here everything worked good. As usually. Usually the stuff starts to get funky when you have to use it for “serious” stuff :slight_smile:

I’ve improved my system stability using 32 bit, an older UAD soft, VST3 and “stop VST3 processing with no audio”.