Anyone already doing full sessions in N6?

I don’t know… I only know what’s been working for me right now! I wasn’t consistently experiencing the issues UA reports on their web page; my situation had more to do with the Satellite hardware unit losing its connection with N6 (it also happened to some extent in N5). Was mysterious to the point that I worked pretty hard with a couple of guys over at UA to try to identify the source. After we’d discussed everything there was to discuss, and I’d spent a couple of weeks attempting to identify the various conditions, I sort of gave up and switched over to 32-bit… and everything’s been fine ever since. Most problematic was UAD in combo with iZotope RX’s plugin spectral editor.

I am using the latest UAD software, and since I’m in 32 bit, no bridge. It’s all working great.

BTW… I was also very much looking forward to using 64-bit, sampler-wise. I was unhappy about going back to 32-bit, but had no choice. Again, looking forward to when everybody finally gets this stuff figured out.


well, what kind of error/trouble there is/was/can be regarding the UAD plugins? Nuendo crashes? Setting not stored?

Oh - we were typing at the same time - or I just overlooked your post, Chewy

EDIT: I just overlooked - because I refreshed just the page 1 of that thread…

Mh - I am 32bit for regular and 64bit for larger and/or sessions with lots of sampler stuff… Mastering or just that punkrock band I do usually in 32bit - here I feel safe.

But I have to say that, beside some errors regarding some plugins which are still not 64bit, I have absolutely no issues in N 5.5 64 bit… I was just thinking these days to finally give up 32bit because it is a little bit nasty to keep 2 separate installations all the time up to date and stuff…

I am still on an old UAD version and 32bit as well - because I have 3 UAD1 - UAD is running great via jBridge…

I can not wait to finally update to latest 64bit - but all I hear is about trouble here.

Maybe I will stay 32bit regarding UAD for a while… Not sure about Nuendo.

I have to get work done, but I feel great to use the new Mixer - I really want to spend time with it mixing a big session. But there is always the problem that it can get nasty…