Anyone already using Granular Symphonies for PadShop ?


Anyone already using Granular Symphonies library for PadShop/PadShop Pro ?

Would be nice to hear your thoughts about this new library.


It’s awesome. He did a really good job of using the mod section for controlling the Grain Position/Rate etc… He also added a lot of Note Expression configs in the mod section. The samples are first class and very interesting. The samples alone are worth it IMO.

Hi JMCecil,

That’s wonderful !

Thank You for the feedback.

I will surely get it. Great price too.


Another thing he got right is the combination of percussive vs legato type samples. There is a good cross section of both. And, he did a good job in the presets of marrying the two main types of samples together via the layers. Zero Gravity was more about the legato evolving capabilities of PadShop. I’m thinking I’ll use the samples from GS more than ZG or the stock ones in my own patches.

EDIT: Oh and for a complete bonus, he did a pain staking PDF of the samples and patches. You can download it on the Steiny site. That should be a required thing to do for all sample libraries. I hope this shames the Borgz into this kind of documentation for all of their products.

Got it !

Fantastic sounds, I’m still going through the presets of this library.

Great work by Simon Stockhausen.

Thanks for this wonderful PadShop library.


Hi Guys,

Well…I have purchased Granular Symohonies but it is not showing up in the instrument preset section of Pad Shop. I have authorised it, and installed it!!!
Am I missing something here???

Cubase 6.5 64 bit.

I have dark planet and Allen Morgan drums.

Cheers for any help.

Glenn :confused:

Do you have a patch called “Cello Expressive Phrase Duo” or “Abyssal Bowls”?

Hey JM,

I pasted a file from the unzipped folder into the roaming folder and then updated the plug-ins. The patches appreared. Not sure which action did the trick but am now enjoying some pretty complex musical textures.

Many thanks for your response.

All the best,


I don’t usually buy presets, but I’ve played around with these for a couple of hours. Very inspiring high quality patches! :bulb:

(Only critic I can come up with is that some of them aren’t tuned to the right key?)

what would ne the right key?

F = F and C# = C# :wink:

I could be mistaken since I only played with it once, I may have used the pitch or changed some other parameter by mistake.

oh, and although I like the patches, as another person who doesn’t really buy patch libraries I was WAY more interested in the sample content. This set is superior IMO to zero G or the core set for building patches of your own.

the audio demos sounds very impressive.
have some Q about the “lead” sound mentioned in the product description (This unique collection offers ominously dark pads and ethereally fragile instruments, fantastical textures and expressive leads, )

how are the leads on this sound set ? are they playable through the keyboard or they are just recorded phrases ?
for example i hear some bowed string instrument on audio demo no 1"granular symphonies" starting at time 4:06 to 4:21 sound really good at its expressiveness… and the lead vocals to… are they phrases ?
Edit: +1 more Q… does this sound set license is with the usb dongle(i have one with C7 and H5 already) or its a soft elicenser ?

anyway i think SB should work with this guy on other product too…say H5 acoustic sound sets… unique world instruments etc…would be awesome.

Didn’t pay too much attention to the eLicenser but I’m pretty sure it went on the dongle.

There’s definitely some playable leads, but there seems alot more phrase stuff or either/or stuff (eg, manipulate with the mod wheel for more/less of the phrase sound). Alot of arp stuff to.

But just alot of really cool sounds. Some good percussive stuff too. A really good addition to the base sound set. Well worth $29.99 IMO, if you’re into this sort of thing.

I do, because the Padshop Pro is among my favorite synthesizers.

Yes, they are very interesting and they provide more very interesting sample material for granular exploration.

Most of the really expressive solos are indeed phrases, but by truncating the sample to the sustained notes, you can create some very intriguing leads. I’ve already done a few of those, particularly on the winds.