Anyone attend the Webinar? What cha' think?


Lame. No offence to Greg Ondo, he did a great job presenting, but the material was sales fodder. same stuff you get on the website videos. I was hoping to see more detail, tips and tricks, that sort of thing.

oh and the videos kept skipping and jumping around the time line, made it very hard to follow. - anybody else see that, or was it just me? (btw f5 didn’t help)

There’s a longer thread going in the C6 forum on this same topic. I’m fairly certain the bandwidth requirements for this event were grossly under estimated by Mix, so the delivery was horrible. This was a marketing event, and as such, not a great way to present a great product.

My 2 cents.

I could have done without the history lesson again. But, I ended up muting it until the videos started each time. They were not working well so the entire presentation was pretty useless. However, you could see from what did make it through that there is some good content. I’m very hopeful for the included tutorials.