Anyone changing HS disc-to-ram settings because of an ssd?

Aloha guys,

Now that all my ‘puters have ssd’s harddrives it occurred to me that perhaps I should go into
Halion Sonic’s ‘options tab’ and change the disc-to-ram’ setting.

Reason being:
in the past I would always install as much ram as I could in my computers and then set HalionSonic
(and any other 3rd party vsti’s that have that option) to use all ram and no disc.

Why? You know the drill…Ram is faster, disc is slower etc etc.

But now that the harddrive is an ssd, does this setting matter much anymore?

So I am asking if anyone has here (with an ssd harddrive) has tried mucking with the ‘disc-to-ram’ setting to see if there is a diff in performance.

I will do this test myself in the near future but
I thought I would first ask some HS users around here.

A Major TIA (thanks in advance)