Anyone doing orchestral work with Halion O? (musings)

Some of you may know me from the old forums, been around since Cubase 3.1.
I spent the last few years hothousing the piano , so have deone virtually zilch recording for about five years.

I like doing orchestral filmic type stuff, so I was very interested in Expression maps, I learnt they were useful but left me looking for a version 2.

I put donw Cubase for a while.

Now we also have Note Expression! this is really great stuff Steinberg - its got me very interested again!

I have just updated to 6 and got the Halion SE Halion orchestral thing going.

I have never used either, I have Halion 3.5, Kontakt 5, EW Orchestra Platinum, GPO, and a bit of VSL (strings), plus a good few other bits to fill the gaps.

Question: Do I need to buy Halion Symphonic orchestra and even perhaps Halion Sonic?

Its really important to me this note expression stuff, but so far I think only Halion Sonic supports the note expression fatures - by virtue of being a VST3.5 instrument, I believe…?

What about my/our other orchestral investments?

Dont really know Halion Sonic at all. I previously thought I have plenty samplers if I have Kontakt and Halion!

What now? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!
Funny thing, Halion Orchestra has dissapeared fro Steinbergs site!

You can se a pick in the VST instruments section but you can see the product info any more? I smell update time?

I understand (though I never used) the Halion orchestral 16 bit trial with Cubase 5, has a catch. I think that even if you bought the sixteen bit update, you still could not upgrade to Halion Symphonic full version.

Am I wrong?

So what now?

OK I can play for thirty days - I am sure I am gonig to love it, but what of after this?

Diminuendo? Finis?

If I buy the trial do I get a Cul de Sac? (Mr Steinberg and sons???)

I am perplexed! my remaining brain cell is beginning to throb!

and another thing… (while we are talking orchestras :wink: )

I think this note expression is going to call for a new workflow!

What are other’s doing? What do you do?

things are getting interesting again around here!