Anyone doing parallel work with external FX?

I’m having problems getting a consistent latency adjustment for using external FX in parallel.

One of the main issues is that the latency seems to randomly change just from moving the cursor to a different position hitting play.

I get really large delays over over 100ms. Everyone now and then I can get a tighter delay (maybe around 20-40ms) but it’s never been bang on.

I’ve tried it on Clips and Tracks. On Clips I just get a glitchy type of sound.

I did find that if I put two external FX on two tracks then they play in sync (makes sense as whatever latency it’s adjusting for is the same) I tried making a ‘dummy’ external fx that only goes out to an ASIO port and back in again (but not out of the converters) and that didn’t seem to work (even though the reported latency is almost the same).

Any ideas?


Ok having moving the clips around it started to lock when using the dummy external fx. Still need to calculate the latency manually as it’s ever so slightly off but it at least seems consistent now.

EDIT got it sample accurate now.

From what I can tell W10 is over compensating for the latency and pushing the track too far backward. This means you can’t fix it as the latency adjust only goes backwards too. So adding the extra dummy external fx puts it on even ground.

EDIT2: checking without my dummy fx added and printing both tracks the one with the external fx going to hardware is coming in 200ms before the dry signal. It looks like it’s actually the dry track that is being shifted off as it’s way later than it should be.


What Audio device, latency and is’t Analog/Digital or both connection with EFX ?

I really think this info will help PG and others to pinpoint etc

regards S-EH

Hi it’s Creamware (Sonic Core) DSP soundcard sending ADAT I/O to a Mytek 8:192.