Anyone else experiencing issues when closing a project?

Many times, Dorico has apparently hung after I closed the main window (after saving my project!).

In the Windows Task Manager, I’ll see Dorico and the VST audio engine just sitting there, with no Dorico window actually open anywhere. Other times, I’ll see an entry for the Steinberg Hub window in the taskbar, but clicking it does nothing. I can’t even [Alt]+[Tab] to the window; nothing comes up.

Since I’m loading lots of sound samples, I’ve tried giving the audio engine a minute or two to unload them. The Task Manager shows memory consumption diminish for a bit, all the way back down to the level it was before I loaded my score, so that seems fine. After I kill the Dorico and VSTAudioEngine processes and restart the application, Dorico asks me if I want to recover project files.

Just wondering if anyone else is having this problem. Fortunately, I don’t appear to have lost any work, but this makes me nervous.

Maybe the hub window just went off-screen, so you can’t see it. Click on the Dorico icon in the taskbar so that the preview appears. Move the mouse on the preview and do a right click and choose from the pop up menu “Move”. If you then use the cursor keys, you can move the hub window back to the visible area.

I experience the same from time to time (on mac).
When I want to get back to Dorico after I have been working with another application, there is only the “Dorico” menu-item left and no hub-window is available. The finder command “show all windows” says that there are no windows available to show.

I have the same issues as the OP. Occasionally, when I close Dorico, either the application does not fully close even though the Dorico icon disappears from the task bar. Also, sometimes only the VST engine does not close, which prevents it from loading when I re-open Dorico. I then have to close it via the task manager and then restart Dorico. If I don’t do this the app will open but after a minute or so it will crash.

Perhaps. I’ll try moving it with keyboard commands next time.

Other times, though, Dorico just sits there in memory with no entry on the Windows taskbar. It doesn’t happen often, but a couple of times, I left it going for fifteen to twenty minutes, with no change. It’s unsettling.