Anyone else experiencing this CRAZY bug??

If you want to see this bug in action then dl the video here:

The first version of Cubase 8 did this with the scissor tool. After the 8.0.35 update it changed over to the Timewarp tool. I can fill the entire edit window with these crazy little numbers, and they don’t go away until I change tools. Kinda makes the TW tool useless.

Anyone else getting this cool new feature?

Did you try updating your graphics card drivers?

That is obviously an issue with your system or it’s setup with software. Video card is obviously a place to start looking.

What is your screen resolution and what Windows 10 scaling level are you using? Has the problem only occurred with Windows 10? Do you have any compatibility settings enabled?

ATI Graphics card drivers are up to date.

I’m running Windows 8.1 on a Mac Pro with no issues (knock on wood)

Screen resolution is 1920x1080

Pro Tools 12 HD has zero graphical issues.

Some people on here have playback issues when the scissor tool is selected. Maybe it’s related somehow. Bad code?

If no one has this exact issue then I guess I’m screwed here.

Yes! I have this exact same problem. Whenever I use the scissors tool it leaves trail of little black numbers all over the screen. It’s seriously impeding my workflow. So much so that I’m thinking about ditching Cubase altogether. I’m running Cubase 8 Pro on a PC running Windows 8. Graphics card is NVIDIA GeForce GT 705, all drivers are up to date.