Anyone else feel Steinberg support is terrible?

Just buy it… It’s so much better.

Don’t worry I wasn’t being offensive, I prat about all the time, way too much of the time, it’s pretty much all i do! Seriously!!! I have dealt with tech support before, it was over a week for them to reply. Never did fix the issue, it’s a known issue but I was likely wasting their time. To be fair, them saying, “we know about this issue” rather than “please send us a project”, would of been a much better response.

The issue was accurate midi timing with hardware.

I have an issue that STOPS me from working. Cubase closes to desktop after 10-15 minutes of working, and Steinberg is not able to look at the crashreport and tell my what causes the crash for over 2 weeks now.

yep. ive had a request in for well over a week with a concern about license theft after a dodgy license control centre in russian was installed on my desktop (god knows how???)… not a jot of a reply yet. luckily im tech savy so ive changed passwords etc etc as a precaution.

Yes, I have a help ticket which hasn’t been answered for 9 days now, & I’m assuming it may not get answered at all. It’s quite simple - just a few lines of text with a couple of brief questions. Like the original poster, I want to upgrade to the latest version, & I don’t want to search for cracked versions, but I would appreciate my ticket being answered. I’m not bad-mouthing Steinberg, but I’d like a better support system.

Good luck in that search!

As an ex music tech student who knew the music life of many classmates, I can tell you that it may not take as much luck as you would imagine - if you are into that kind of thing.

As an ex Pirate I can tell you luck will only aid you in finding what actually exists. Cubase 9 would be the rarest of treasure, found by following the blankest of maps, read only by the dead, after canceling out the entire universe with a phase inverted copy of itself.

Cubase 5 was the last i heard off, but my sailing the seas for rare pearls ended quite some time ago!

Edit: actually I just looked on youtube and there seems to be quite some videos about it. But still… threatening to use pirated software as a response to a lack of response is no way to act. You go join the Pirates if that’s where you feel you belong.

Is this a trick question? :smiley:

My support requests are always answered in a timely manner (24-48 hours) when I receive the auto response email stating that they received my request. For the few times I did not receive the auto response email, I waited a few days then resubmitted my request again, got the auto response, then again, support time was good.

Bottom line from me… make sure you receive that auto response email.

Regards :sunglasses:

Do you think I am stupid ?


Regards :sunglasses:

Ignorance is not knowing. Stupidity is knowing but making the obvious wrong choice.

You decide if you are in fact stupid or not. What anyone here thinks does not matter.

On that note, please post up the crash report where it says which THREAD crashed Cubase so we can look at it and possibly help you since support sucks. Don’t need the whole crash report just the thread that crashes.
Im guessing a certain plugin is doing it.


not me… I’ve been quite happy with them in the past few years.

If you want to get them on the phone - well then yeah, you’re screwed. I use this forum, and it’s usually an immense help. What’s your issue?

Saying “I don’t want to search for cracked versions” is not a threat - it’s saying the opposite - that I DON’T want to do that. That being said, when the subject matter of the message not being responded to is regarding the buying of the product, that is certainly one step in pushing someone in that direction.

I thought you’d of been off looking for mystical treasure by now.


Off pirating the 7 seas. It was my humour. My humour is very poor!

My last support request took just over 7 weeks to get a response, and then all the response was, was to download the latest version.


Yes, I totally agree.

I have been waiting 6 days for replies to 3 requests asking Steinberg why there is no CD burner with an expensive DAW like Cubase Pro9.