Anyone else find Gearslutz a confusing place to be?

As above, I recently commented on a musicians song but the comment seemed to end up miles away from the song I was commenting on, on the Steinberg site the comments are all under the relevant song, it doesn’t seem to be like that on Gearslutz which is a bit weird I reckon, or am I missing something,(the usual reason)


Aloha s, and yes,

there is lot’s going on over there (for a long time) and
I find it easy for threads (and for me) to get lost.

Once in a while I do read some Cubase posts there but mainly GS is a way for me to keep
up on the latest drivers/tools for my two Steinberg/Yamaha n12 mixing desks.


Good Luck!

Thank you, I’m so pleased it’s not just me :smiley:
regarding your N12’s…I have an N8 and wasn’t aware that Yamaha were doing any updates for these desks…

"I have an N8 and wasn’t aware that Yamaha were doing any updates for these desks…

For sure they are! Thank you Yamy! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Check here for Mac and Windows updates:

And here is the n8/12 forum at GS. (it is quite long but there is some good info there)

Good Luck!

I’m not sure I totally follow you. Do you have a link to the thread that highlights what you mean?

I do though feel the s/n ratio at g.s. can be reeeeeeeellllly low sometimes . I was reading some things there last night and found myself scrolling madly past things that had not much substance to the topic. Some topic discussions are pretty solid, don’t get me wrong. What gets me is the newb canned verbatim or just flat out incorrect information presented. Read on the internet… Gotta be true! kinda thing…

thanks curteye…really appreciate that info…Kevin

Haven’t got a thread to illustrate what I mean…I was just saying that I responded to a guys post and my response was nowhere near the post I was responding to, in fact his post was nowhere to be seen, so I was just wondering if I was missing something… :slight_smile:

Weird… Another case of unsolved mysteries.

It’s a pity really, I’d spend a lot more time there if I didn’t keep getting lost… :frowning:

Hi SF,

I gave up on using GS a few years ago.

It’s just a minefield trying to navigate ones way through it! Plus I tend to prefer more product specific website (like Steinberg, Yamaha, Sibelius etc).

Plus the vast amount of adverts is most distracting!



Hi Paul, I have received your PM but I can’t reply for some reason, so could you send me another one with your email and I can respond via that?

I’ve found Gearslutz to be rife with mindless babbling fools. I wasted only three or four posts before leaving permanently. The majority of the internet seems to be ruled by this type of person, and I’d rather do something to empower myself, not get mired in idiotic banter.

All forums have their share of mindless babble, along with interesting informative conversations and helpful members, this one is no exception. There’s something for everyone, at least some of the time there, and here. It’s all subjective, for some people, all want to talk about is the next Cubase version rainbow, while others have no interest and are happy using the version they have.

I don’t find Gearslutz confusing at all myself, I see the forum section & topics that interest me. I agree about the advertisements being plastered all over though :unamused:

Eh, no…
Its pretty straight forward.
It has sections and subsections, just like we do here. What’s confusing?

what’s confusing is responding to a post then trying to find it a few days later… :slight_smile:
actually finding stuff in the first instance is ok because …as you say, you just go to the relevant section. :slight_smile:

It’s too high volume a board for stuff to stay on the first page very long.

Have you seen the “My posts/My threads” link at the top of their page?

No…missed the ‘‘my posts/threads thing’’ I’ll look out for that next time…thanks…Kevin

Yeah, posts in Gearslutz move along pretty fast, and if in a hurry you could skim right over it. Not TOO much of a problem, and is to be expected really.

Now the WORST site I’ve ever seen in my life is FaceBook, talk about convoluted & confusing! I’ve traditionally only visited FB only a few times per year. Only reason I have a page is because my daughter set one up for me to see pics she puts up of my grandsons.

Hi QBass,

FB is totally dreadful in every sense! lol

I would not entertain it for even a second. Though of course I will be in the minority here for sure.



not necessarily…I hate it also…