Anyone else find the new timeline ruler in 8.5 irritating?

The new arrowed crosshair icon I find too large and cumbersome for such a small area of the screen. The old pointed cursor made accurate locating far easier. And the new zoned areas of the ruler also require very careful movements of the mouse - many times I accidentally click on the upper cycle half of the ruler, when I mean to click on the lower half for locating. And vice versa. On a completely separate but equally irritating issue… the new window layout options that pop up when you click on the edges of the screen are driving me mad. Most of us have shortcuts to show/hide the windows we need, so there should at least be an option in preferences to disable this new behavior.

The above are my only complaints about 8.5, the rest of the new features are well welcomed, i’m just mildly irritated by these minor annoyances that disrupt fast and fluid workflow instead of supporting it.

I agree. The new functionality is nice but at the moment it does need quite a bit of precision with the mouse so maybe the proportions could do with a tweak.

I agree!

I agree.

Hi all

I agree with this, I keep on clicking the loop playback on and off, not too much of a problem but I rarely use the loop function so I could happily do without it in the ruler, as has been said, probably needs tweaking.

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Yes, +1. This is really eating my lunch. Dozens and dozens of extra clicks added to my workflow due to the corner pop-ups. Needs to be addressed.


The new pop-ups are definitely in the way. It’s actually easier to trigger them by accident than to land on those 2-3 pixels high borders.
Oh, and the window has to be active for this to even work? There was no need for this, really not.

And yes, I really wish Steinberg will eventually understand that whenever they make those UI decisions for us (like the new cross mouse cursor), they need to make them optional. Most of us don’t need the fluff.

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Downloaded the 8.5 Trial and jeez… I totally agree on both the ruler, the cross cursor (what were they really thinking?) and the annoying popup option boxes that can’t be disabled. Yet another bunch of questionable GUI design decisions, and yet another reason not to pay for the 8.5 upgrade, I guess…

As a workaround though, I added a “ruler track” just below the main ruler. Moving your mouse over a ruler track won’t turn the cursor into a cross, like on the main ruler. It works just like it used to. And you get a wider click area.


I like the idea of separate loop/punch in & out points but its current implementation is too fiddly from my own perspective.


Installed Cubase 8.5 on release day and still can’t get used to it.
I wish there was an option to tick to choose whether we want to use it this way or the old fashion way.

I hate it. I have no need for punch in record, so would like to resort to old behaviour.

I can’t keep with this new timeline (loop), as well as with Left/Right Locators and Punch In/Out.


Just to be clear; no-one here is asking for functionality to be removed, are they…? I mean, I’m really enjoying the new separate Punch In/Out and ‘loop/cycle’ facility - I adapted to its use within a very short time. Very welcome extra tools, that’s been asked for, for ages…

Its just the implementation that’s annoying… yes…?

You can lock Punch In/Out to Locators to get back to previous behaviour (click ‘gear’ icon on the Transport Panel). But complaints here mainly point to:-

  1. too easy to accidentally engage loop (clicking top-half of Ruler by mistake)
  2. the new, large ‘cross-hair’ cursor that appears

Is that fair comment…?

This !

Oh I think separating the cycle locators from the punch in/out locators was a great move on Steinberg’s part. But they didn’t need to permanently divide the upper and lower halves of the ruler to do that. Ideally, clicking anywhere on the ruler should just locate the project cursor, and then CTRL clicking should locate the left locator and ALT clicking should locate the right locator. The way things are currently implemented in 8.5 requires too much precision and I often find myself clicking the wrong half of the ruler.

As for the new cross-hair cursor - I see no practical use for it! The 8.0 pointed cursor allowed for slightly easier locating, it’s as simple as that. The cross-hair cursor does not mean the end of the world for me and my workflow, far from it. But I imagine if we were to ask people on the forum which they find easier for precise locating then most of them would choose the old pointed cursor. The thick cross-hair is just slightly less user-friendly… just not the kind of thing you would expect in an ‘update’. I’ve been trialing 8.5 for over a week now and I thought I’d get use to the cross-hair after 2 or 3 days, but a week later it irritates me just as much. It’s a small but unnecessary step backwards for most users’ workflow.

Not the timeline ruler pr se.
And the seperate punch in/out points I have asked for since moving from Logic waaay back (when they abandoned the PC). Logic have had it since the 90s. Finally :wink:

But the new crosshair cursor is a BAD implementation :frowning:

+1 here too…
An option would be able to switch between the old mode and the crosshair

+1 Seems every one agrees on this, take note Steinberg!