Anyone else getting CPU Spikes with OSX Lion?

Anyone else getting this? Since updating to OSX Lion, after the iMac has been on for a few hours I start to get really bad cpu spikes and audio glitches in Cubase which can only be fixed with a reboot.

The problem is the same with different sound cards / ASIO drivers / Built In audio, and also high buffer settings don’t help either.

Removing lots of high-cpu effect inserts helps a bit, but spikes do remain even in light projects and a reboot completely fixes it for a while.

I have OSX 10.7.1

no one then?


I can’t say for certain, but I’m sure most Mac users haven’t upgraded yet. I, at least, do not plan to upgrade for a long while. It isn’t so much whether Cubase works with Lion, but rather audio drivers and 3rd party plugins working.