Anyone else HATE SAM? (Steinberg Activation Manager?

I can’t open Nuendo. It stops at the licensing stage ( as indicated at the bottom of the splash screen when loading) when opening, then just closes. It did this 2 days ago also but it started working after I opened S.A.M. first.
Today its doing the same thing and SAM stays stuck on “Loading, Please Wait”.
I have to train someone today, they’re sitting right here, and I’m about to have to schedule for another day because of this in just a moment.

Have you tried simply restarting the computer?

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I have thus far not had any issues with it, but then again I haven’t done a ton since upgrading. The main thing I notice is that it takes longer, like 2 seconds, to check the license where it didn’t with the dongle.

I wish that companies didn’t do copy-protection but it is my understanding that in the pro audio world at least it has a measurable sales increase when you do.

Yes but turning the computer off everytime isn’t an acceptable option.