Anyone else have problems with Agents?

There is a bug that I am having with Agents when I undo a setting. The zones in the mixer get messed up. The wrong channels are placed in the left and right margins. It looks random (I can’t see a pattern) as to which channels are chosen. The same # of channels in both the left and right zones remains, however.


Have you tried resetting the mix console?
(The little triangle pull down menu in the upper right corner of the console)
I have to do this about once a week.
Maybe search for “reset mixer” first as some here have said you need to
press “Alt” while resetting, but I’ve never had to do that.
Not sure what the difference is between using the “Alt” method and just
doing a plain reset either. No documentation.

This will completely trash your mix so try it on a fresh project or “save as” first.

If you click and hold Alt, you will get an additional menu item > Reset MixConsole Window (which is waaaay different than Reset MixConsole Channels).

Reset MixConsole Window (the Alt method) will not reset your mix, while the Reset MixConsole Channels will.

Now you know the difference :wink:

Thanks IBM and Rotund.l I will give that a try.


Thanks for the heads up iBM…

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